The Coronavirus Pandemic Offers a Spiritual Upgrade - If You Agree to the Terms

Some might think 2012 Mayan prophecies are running on an eight year delay, but it's all part of the plan. The coronavirus pandemic has turbo-charged our transition into the Age of Aquarius and it’s ripping us out of our slumber. We are being offered a spiritual upgrade to our operating systems. We just need to accept the terms and conditions of our new lives. 

Before the coronavirus ever touched us, we were struggling. Many of us felt a lack of purpose in a world devoid of meaning. The Piscean values have had a stranglehold on our world, causing many of us to seek purpose in the emptiest of places. 

Everything is on pause now. We have a rare opportunity to reboot our systems as this once-in-a-lifetime event transforms our lives. 

This Is the Most Exciting Time For the Spiritual Person to Exist 

Our wounds have become so ingrained into our cultures that it was going to take massive disruption to usher in a change. We needed a wakeup call of the highest proportions. And, unfortunately, this may only be the beginning. But it has a definitely begun. And it is the most exciting time for the spiritually inclined person to exist. 

Just look at how the old, outdated structures of the shadow masculine are breaking down before our very eyes:

It’s all happening right now. We are riding the tip of the spear into the New Age.

So What Are You Supposed to Do? Listen to the Earth. Listen to Yourself. 

The planet is sending a message loud and clear. Stay put. Get quiet. Go within. 

Stick to the protocol. If you’re feeling the pain of the world right now, let yourself feel it. Let yourself feel all the pain that’s arising in you. After all, pain is not nearly as harmful as our resistance to it. We must let our guard down, emotionally speaking, and embody the traits of the divine Earth Mother. The feminine has been repressed for eons and it has put the planet on the brink of disaster.

Just like the outer forces of the world, many of us, regardless of gender, have become overly masculine. We want to to DO. We want to OWN. We want to ACHIEVE. We want to DOMINATE.

Terms and Conditions of the Spiritual Upgrade

The Universe has created a pivotal opportunity for us. We can let go into a new way of living, or struggle to hold on to what we've had. Here are some of the things we must agree to if we want to evolve into a new level of consciousness: 

  • I will keep the option to love open to every person I meet, no matter how triggering I might find them. 
  • I will leave space open to love myself, no matter how much I don’t want to. 
  • I will allow my feelings to be felt, but I will not hold onto them. 
  • I will no longer seek validation from the outer world. 
  • I will devote part of every day to connecting with my spirit. 
  • I will listen to my intuition and no longer turn a blind eye to my impulses. 
  • I will do the work to increase my kindness and integrity. 
  • I will also do the work to forgive myself when I fall short. 
  • I will forgive others when they fall short as well. 
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The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Urging Our Spiritual Awakening - And We'll Get There Through Our Forgotten Feminine 

But those forces have revealed their insidious nature. The only reason we aspire for these goals is because of our wounds—our age old wounds. We don’t feel our worth. And many of us have felt powerless, just like children. So we seek to make up for it in world, by building some sort of success out of ourselves.

But we can no longer let that child drive the bus. Now we must enlist our divine feminine to cradle that wounded child. We must open the door for her, so she can dress the wounds in ourselves and those around us.

If you don’t know how, it’s ok. It’s not a time for KNOWING—that’s another masculine trait that we’ve pushed out of balance. It’s a time for surrender. Your job is to let go. Let go of whatever you think you’re protecting. Let go and open yourself to the unknown. As Persian poet Rumi says:

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” 

Let the light enter, for you are a lightworker, and this is your time to shine. 

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