The Personalities of Astrology Signs Show Human Idiosyncrasies

By Sandra Weaver

The personalities of astrology signs may show you display tendencies different than your birth sign. The growth of a person on their spiritual path has to be taken into consideration too. This is especially true when someone appears quite different from their birth sign. The birth sign is where you should always start.

Armed with this knowledge you can grow your desirable traits or work to soften negative ones. This is your challenge. The positive and negative traits of the twelve signs of the zodiac will be covered. Other tools will be made available to help you on your own journey of self-discovery. 

The soul's spiritual journey has to be looked at much closer than your daily horoscope. The planets and rays in a person's birth, moon and ascending signs give them a reading uniquely their own. Having said this, a lot can be found out about people through just their birth sign and its personality of astrology sign. 

Classic astrology puts its focus on the persons tendencies, and the personalities of astrology signs specifically. This astrology deals with the present traits and tendencies. Esoteric Astrology is based on the spiritual evolution of a person on the spiritual path. It focuses is on past, present and future challenges. Little consideration goes toward the personalities of astrology signs for their birth sign.

Here we’re going to concentrate on Classic Astrology and give an overview of the personalities of astrology signs for each. As a person moves along the path of spiritual evolution, Classic Astrology becomes less significant and the rays, planets, and ascending sign take on more importance. It's at this point that a person should concentrate on Esoteric Astrology.

Other ways to pinpoint and verify traits is through numerology, and also Pythatoras Arrows.

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Below are the positive and negatives aspects of each of the personalities of astrology signs.

Aries – March 20 to April 19 – This is the sign of "The Ram"

Aries is a Fire sign whose ruling planet is Mars. This planet represents action, anger, energy and sex. This is considered a masculine sign, positive, extrovert.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and also represents spring. Being the first sign of the zodiac may explain why this sign has a "me first" attitude, which an Arian will maintain from birth to death. People under this sign are often unstoppable, and one of the most determined of the personalities of astrology signs.

When they see something they want, they go for it. If there's a new innovation waiting to be thrust onto the world, an Aries person has the courage, the energy and the drive to make it happen. Aries personalities of astrology signs may have strong drive, high leadership qualities and be quite ambitious, but all too often they lack follow through and leap before setting up an action plan.

Abundant energy goes into all their goals. Often these competitive types become impatient to the point of fool-hardy, because they can be quite the daredevil. Independence is a keyword of Aries personalities of astrology signs. With strong self-reliance and self-assuredness, they are unlikely to be a burden to others. If they find an occupation they love, they will become quite accomplished and wealthy from it.

The Aries person has a tendency to be quick-tempered, opinionated, and critical having no problem telling others exactly how they feel in no uncertain terms. Pure honesty in this area has given the Aries personality a bad wrap, as the most "in your face," of the personalities of astrology signs. Some have a knack for finding and pushing others hot buttons.

If you’re waiting for an apology after, you could be waiting a long time. They don’t feel bad about what they’ve said. In fact, they meant every word of it! Some consider this a rather cruel trait labeling Aries as intolerant, selfish, cruel, and arrogant. Don’t bother saying this to an Arian. Those are meaningless words. An Aries considers it "honesty."

Don't bet against an Aries either, because if something’s important, just the thought of failure will throw this person into hyper-drive. This is a very determined personality of astrology sign. Their powerful egos can’t handle the thought of failure in situations they believe.

The Arian quality of being somewhat of a fanatic demanding things be done their way can get in the way of a smooth completion on a project. Few have the adventurous spirit and courage of an Aries or the self-assurance to get it done. But, make sure your Aries partner is committed to the project, or you will get less than an enthusiastic effort.

All this becomes quite clear when you realize that Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.

In personal relationships, Aries have to be in charge. Even though they like a strong partner, it’s important the partner make their Arian feel they are the boss. A lot of praise and nurturing may be necessary at times to keep the peace. They will go to great lengths to make sure their needs are taken care of.

But, they will work hard to take care of their partners needs as well. Keep in mind though it will be on their terms. If you’re not content with their version of what’s best, be prepared for explosive arguments and power struggles.

Aries are usually intellectual more so than spiritual. But, if an Aries can use their sharp-minds, drive and pioneering attitude towards spiritual truth they would have much to contribute towards furthering humanitarian progress in the world.

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Taurus – April 20th to May 20th – This is the sign of "The Bull"

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus in the common man and Vulcan in the man on the path to discipleship. Venus is the planet of harmony, love, beauty and music.

Taurus personality of astrology signs are known for their stability, reliability and dependability. It could be why a Taurus would be called upon to maintain order. This person thrives on security becoming persistence and industrious in areas where they have a chance for significant financial gain.

All too, often this drive for security and extravagance can make a Taurus quite materialistic and greedy. In fact they are one of the most materialistic of the personalities of astrology signs.

They make committed partners because they can be patient, reliable, warmhearted and loving. But the flip-side is also just as common where they become possessive, overly emotional, self-indulgent and jealous. They are prone to being inflexible, short tempered, argumentative and the most stubborn and inflexible of all the personalities of astrology signs. It all depends on where a Taurus falls on their spiritual path.

The Buddha was a Taurus. A person born under this sign is said to have one of the most reserved of all the natures in the personalities of astrology signs, revealing themselves slowly to others. Which isn’t surprising since they are conservative, conventional and introverted.

Employers love Taurus people, because they remain task oriented, confident of the outcome, and rarely complain. Their colleagues like them because they are honest and well-respected. The Taurus personality of astrology sign likes things to be precise, which is why many have artistic ability. They will endure till what they want is perfect in their minds.

If a Taurus child receives a nurturing, and a caring upbringing they will be a joy to be around as an adult. If out! The worst of the stubborn, demanding, impatient and overly emotional qualities with take precedence over the positive ones.

The Taurian influence in the world is very potent right now. The Aquarian Age is upon us and we all have a choice right now of going with our usual mass quality of "desire" or our will, can be directed towards "purpose". It's at this point one becomes a disciple or an initiate, and is on the path of spiritual ascension.

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Gemini – May 21st – June 20th – This is the sign of "The Twins"

Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury in the common man and Venus in the man on the path to discipleship. Venus is the planet of harmony, love, beauty and music.

Get ready for a bit of a ride with a Gemini personality of astrology sign though. Mercury is the sign of the twins and life will change moment to moment. If there were one word that would describe a Gemini, it would be "sociable." These lively, youthful people are not only quick-witted but great conversationalist. Their goal is to make everyone happy, which often gets them into trouble.

This changeable personality of astrology sign, making them appear restless or often scheming when they change directions on an issue. Words often used to describe a Gemini are scatter brained, silly and at best flexible when they flip from one personality to the other. It’s not their fault. This is the sign of the duality of opposites.

The Gemini person is usually very versatile, flexible and a jack-of-all-trades making them appear quite intelligent, if it wasn’t for their lack of follow through and concentration. Many consider a Gemini personality of astrology signs superficial because of their changeable nature.

It’s wise to learn each personality of a Gemini in your life so you know whom you’re dealing with at any time. They can be quite restless. Some of their negative traits are vain, cold and insensitive. Surprisingly, some can be very rigid idealists, which is a feat considering the duality of this sign.

Cancer – June 21st to July 22nd – This is the sign of "The Crab"

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon in the common man and Neptune in the man on the path to discipleship. Neptune is the planet of mystical consciousness, or the innate sensitivity which leads to higher vision.

Cancers are homebodies who love their families and their homes. Safety and security are important to this maternal, nurturing and very caring of personalities of astrology signs. No matter how successful a Cancer is in business, they look forward to the quiet and calm of their homes. This domestic sign thrives in a harmonious home environment, and will carry deep emotional scars if there is unrest in the household.

The Cancer person can be deeply emotional in fact overly emotional or sensitive at times to the point of being clingy, moody and irritable. Don’t try to pry precious mementos away from a Cancer. They will protect their strong ties to the past, brooding till it’s returned. When hurt or disappointed a Cancer will become quite introverted and could stay that way for days.

A Cancer will not throw caution to the wind. Everything will be carefully weighed and re-weighed to make sure that the right decision or path is taken. If for some reason he miscalculates he will sulk and be distant for days.

Intimate relationships and close friendships are more important to a Cancer than an other personality of astrology sign. Their partners and friends will find they like to express their feelings and views. Cancers are generous and kind to others coming through for the greater good when they feel it is money and time well spent. Because family is everything to a Cancer, they will be deeply attached to their parents, even if they were not model parents. Of all the personalities of astrology signs, Cancers thrive on emotional stability.

Whenever you see a person at work with lots of photos of their family, you can pretty much guess they are a Cancer. Because of their strong intuition, Cancers excel in jobs that have a lot of personal contact with others, and require dealing with deep emotions. Their position should be one of security, because Cancers do not fair well with a lot of change. They will sock money away for a rainy day, and stay with a position that affords them the most security.

Cancers make loving and caring intimate partners. They will demand fidelity and honesty from their partners, but have been known to not practice what they preach. All in all, their loyalty will be with their chosen partner. They can drive their partners crazy at times because they can be too cautious, lazy, selfish and self-centered at times. When there’s something they want they will tenaciously work at it till it’s theirs. They are not above manipulation to get it either.

Cancer’s are the most psychic of all the personalities of astrology signs who have a deep sense, of the emotions of the masses, as well as individuals. When they find unity with Truth, they become willing model performers in their service to humanity.

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Leo – July 23rd to August 23rd – This is the sign of "The Lion"

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun in the common man and also the in the man on the path to discipleship. The Sun represents your ego structure.

Leos tend to be lovers of limelight, confident individuals who are the most extroverted and flamboyant of the personalities of astrology signs. These people can be very magnetic, sunny, and charismatic, who like to be recognized. You either admire them or think they’re the most conceited and egotistical of the personalities of astrology signs. They are warm, caring and also giving to others, but like to be appreciated for their efforts.

Leo rules our sense of self-worth. What happened in their early to mid-teenage lives can set the tone for life. If they were bullied at a younger age, they may tend to be cruel, overbearing and bullies themselves. This type of negative upbringing fosters an individual that is domineering, bossy, and stubborn. Not only that, they will believe they are right and all others just don’t get it.

But, if these flamboyant personalities of astrology signs were encouraged to shine, they could develop into honorable, flamboyant leaders with a sense of community and loving faith in those around them.

Leos have been known to over dramatization and act vainly when they express themselves. They like to shine in all social situations, and will even try to dominate them. If any of the personalities of astrology signs needs attention, it would be a Leo. If they feel unnoticed they could suffer.

If a Leo feels slighted or criticized don’t be surprised if they won’t forgive you. As with their namesake, they must tone down their pride to develop a strong sense of character.

If a Leo can learn to live from within rather than through the ego, they could achieve greatness of the soul and be powerful holistic healers. In the undeveloped man, it’s their own greatness they seek and have been known to flaunt. As they develop spiritually they use their natural leadership abilities to bring out the best and greatness in others.

If your partner is a Leo, they will want to be the dominant partner who will shower you with love if you show your appreciation and give them lots of attention. Don’t try to win an argument with them, because you probably will loose unless you’re an Aries or another Leo.

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Virgo – August 24th to September 22nd – This is the sign of "The Virgin"

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury in the common man and the Moon in the man on the path to discipleship.

Mercury influences a persons mental life. It shows how one receives, processes and disseminates information. The Moon is about their personal life. It shows how one projects themselves to the general public. It deals with a persons instinctive and imaginative components and how they express their feelings. Also, how they deal with family and mother.

This is the sign of the "Virgin Mother". So it’s not surprising a Virgo would be a careful planner, calm, helpful, and dependable. Virgo people are the most health conscious of all the personalities of astrology signs. Don’t preach health to a Virgo, they have fragile egos.

If they’re a little overweight, trust me they already know and are working on it. This sign is committed to excellence in whatever area they wish to excel. Virgos are very practical and responsible, but at times they can be picky, disorganized and even dependent.

Virgo children want to excel in a task given them. They will ask endless questions to make sure they have it right. But, be careful, because of their perfectionist attitude, they will be shy when it comes to a new situation. Expose them to other children so they have ample opportunity to socialize and get over their shyness.

Virgos can go overboard and become nervous hypochondriacs with their health consciousness. If a Virgo becomes melancholy, they can project the worst of their negative side of fault finding, picky, superficial, critical and petty.

On the positive side you’ll find a delightful person who will do anything for you in an unselfish, dependable and meticulous way. They are one of the most capable personalities of astrology signs in being holistic healers. To accomplish this a Virgo has to learn to trust their intuition more so they understand and receive messages for the highest good.

On the job, Virgos are a sought after commodity. They have excellent organizational skills, work well in a team situation, and in a routine environment. Order in their work environment and personal life makes a Virgo function on an even keel. If something goes out of whack you could end up with a chaotic mess until the Virgo pulls it all back together again.

They make romantic partners, with a good sense of humor, and can be impressive conversationalist. Once they are committed, they usually put everything into the relationship, but be prepared to let them take the lead in how the home, finances, etc. are organized.

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Libra – September 23rd to October 22nd – This is the sign of "The scales of balance"

Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus in the common man and Uranus in the man on the path to discipleship. Venus influences your love nature. Venus is the Goddess of love and beauty, as well as the light of inspiration and devotion to truth. Uranus rules your search for freedom. It represents that which transcends the limits of the finite life. The future.

A Libra person has a strong sense of what they consider right and wrong. Balance is their goal, which they will innately strive for, because serenity more than any other of the personalities of astrology signs is key to a well functioning Libra. If you have a dispute with someone, a Libra will diplomatically help you see both sides of the issue.

This is all part of their need for peace, as well as to please everyone and have everyone like them. When the worst comes out in a Libra you’ll see an insincere, fickle, self-indulgent person who can be quite apathetic.

But, all in all this charming fair-minded person will be poised gracious and kind. Libras are the extroverts, one of the most sociable of the personalities of astrology signs, with a refined charm that helps them to influence and capture the attention of the masses. But they have to be careful, because they are easily influenced and quite gullible at times.

A Libra child possesses a winning personality. They will be horrified by any perceived injustice to others, but especially to themselves. Make sure you apologize if you know you’ve wronged a Libra, or they will hold a grudge until you do.

In the workforce, Libras will not tolerate disharmony long. If the problem cannot be resolved, this peacemaker will move on to a calmer situation. You can trust your Libra employee to deal honestly and fairly.

Libra’s have been known to be somewhat flirtatious, tending towards gossip since others feel very comfortable around these sociable types. If your partner is a Libra you have a romantic, poised, and kind person to love.

They will be loyal and fair, and will listen with empathy to keep the peace in the relationship. But, make sure they are sincere about their love for you. Many have been know to take on the attitude that someone is better in their lives than no one.

As a friend you will have someone loyal who will be interested in what you have to say. But, be watchful for the white lies, self-indulgence, and their need for peace at any price, more than any of the other personalities of astrology signs. Sometimes these traits will come back to bit you.

Scorpio – October 23rd to November 21st – This is the sign of "The Scorpion"

Scorpio is a water sign ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto in the common man and Mars also in the man on the path to discipleship.

Desire of all kinds rule this sign. Desire, from the basic human or worldly needs to the desire for at-oneness with the creator.

Scorpios in many ways have gotten a bad wrap. Scorpios have one of the most intense, intuitive and complex souls of the personalities of astrology signs. They seem to see right through you and know what’s going on under the surface.

Don’t expect a Scorpio to use a lot of tact. You will get their version of the untarnished truth. Other key traits of a Scorpio are strong-willed, bold, courageous, competitive, resourceful, mysterious and direct. They give heart-felt compliments that you can consider very sincere.

But, like other personalities of astrology signs, Scorpios have a not so endearing side. Scorpios are very suspicious and intolerant of others to the point of cruel or violent. Their penetrating eyes look right through you like they are searching your soul.

They resent others questioning their views, and will work to seduce or manipulate you to their way of thinking. Some would call them controlling, jealous, destructive and sarcastic. They seem to know more than the rest of us, or at least they think they do, and they guard this information by being one of the most secretive of the personalities of astrology signs.

Expect a Scorpio to give missions they are committed to, their all, whether it’s for their higher good or not.

This sign doesn’t usually seek out the company of others. Small circles of family and friends are best suited to Scorpios. They are one of the most introverted and somewhat closed personalities of astrology signs. They are not interested in your opinion and prefer to figure things out for themselves.

In the workforce, Scorpios are usual loved because they are low-maintenance, industrious workers who become completely focused on their tasks. They are not into idol chit chat at the water cooler either.

Romantically, Scorpios are committed to their relationships, but are very private. You may never know everything about your partner. They are very intuitive and will be able to pickup on what you need from the relationship. But, this same intuitiveness will pick up on all your imperfections too. They have no problem critically letting you know what they are too.

As a friend, Scorpios are very loyal and helpful.

Sagittarius – November 22nd to December 21st – A Beam of Directed Focused Light

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign. In the orthodox man the ruling planet is Jupiter with tendencies like ambitious desire and direction. For the disciple the planet is The Earth and their tendency is toward the one-pointed spiritual aspiration of the disciple.

They are here to learn the lesson of love, which would be both human love and divine love. This is the most free-spirited, easy-going, inquisitive and straightforward of all the personalities of astrology signs. Maintaining a fun, child-like quality throughout life is common with this sign. Even though they jump into things with wild abandon, they will bounce back quickly if it doesn’t work out.

Sagittarians think deeply about the big picture, and about where they are going. They often see the results before they happen. This sign is a seeker of knowledge, and will most likely be very well read on many subjects and faithful to his philosophy and opinions on the subject.

Very young Sagittarians are often the class clown with lots of admirers. Sports are of great interest to a Sagittarian, and a good outlet for their abundant energy.

In the workplace he will be way ahead of most when it comes to looking at the big picture goals of the company. Sagittarians get along well with their co-workers in spite of their rather blunt tactlessness. They are the most optimistic of all the personalities of astrology signs, possessing idealistic philosophical feelings. This sign loves to travel and makes friends easily. Their freedom-loving attitude indicates it's best if they are not in an occupation with a lot of restrictions.

But, this sign has its negative sides too. Sagittarians are often dictators, propagandist, judgmental, outspoken, exaggerators, false and hot-headed. The eternal procrastinator is alive and well with this sign, even though their restless nature welcomes change.

Their adventuresome spirits propel them closer to the spiritual life they are attracted to. But, they have to be careful that they don’t become too idealistic and too much of a dreamer. The purpose of this personalities of astrology signs is to become a one-pointed disciple on the path. A true Sagittarian has grace, beneficence, and is full of harmony and completion.

Capricorn – December 22nd to January 19th – The Light of Initiation

Capricorns are an Earth Sign in which both the orthodox man and the disciple are ruled by the planet Saturn.

Capricorns are cool, calm, self-disciplined and possess a powerful inner strength that raises them to the top through sheer perseverance. There personalities of astrology signs love power, respect and authority. They are prudent, conservative, very practical and responsible.

What they show on the outside, may not be how things really are on the inside. But, rest be assure a Capricorn personality is firmly grounded in reality, and is the voice of reason even in chaos. As long as a Capricorn has a sense of duty and purpose, they are happy.

Their general outlook is fairly rigid and unmoving. As far as money is concerned Capricorns approach finances with prudence, planning and discipline. Many will consider this sign to be an egotistical, demanding and intolerant status seeker. Because of their belief in rules, they may appear to be dictatorial, stubborn, intolerant and an unforgiving workaholic.

But, Capricorns are the eternal opportunists of the personalities of astrology signs, who will find a way to make something work in some way. Even still they often display a degree of pessimism, seeing the glass half empty instead of half full.

Capricorns should practice self-surrender, and take themselves less seriously. It is the sign of the Priest-Initiate. When the heart is filled with pure and simple love; then the soul can become a focal point of Wisdom, Love and the Power of God, which pours through it, healing and blessing others.

Parents of Capricorn would help their children by reassuring them and complementing or praising them for their achievements. Otherwise your child may not feel successful and will become withdrawn.

Capricorns are punctual workers and have no problem staying late till the task is completed. This sign takes his work seriously and has the highest work ethic of all the personalities of astrology signs.

The Capricorn lover will not be the most spontaneous individual, but he will provide stability, loyalty and security for life. Clingy or needy partners are not suitable for a Capricorn. A strong, self-confident mate is all that will do.

All in all, your Capricorn friend will be there when you need him, or he’ll be at work.

Aquarius – January 20th to February 18th – The Light That Shines on Earth Across the Sea (The Water Bearer)

This is an Air Sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn in the ordinary man, and Jupiter in the disciple.

This idealistic unconventional thinker lives outside of the box more than any other of the personalities of astrology signs. He actively seeks out change for himself and the benefit of humanity as a whole. The environment, politics, economics and humanitarian issues are focuses of this sign.

This natural visionary thinker will conjure up all sorts of radical changes that are progressive, unique, logical and ingenious. Others may have a hard time with people under this personalities of astrology signs progressive and altruistic concepts.

In fact some will think an Aquarian to be impersonal, too radical, rebellious, unrealistic and impractical, because of their out-there ways of thinking. They are committed to change what doesn’t work anymore. Some Aquarians appear to be unsympathetic and cold fanatic. But other signs often fail to see that Aquarian personalities of astrology signs, see the big picture. This sign has to realize that what they envision may be difficult for some to accept and assimilate. The whole still remains their focus.

Anyone who has an Aquarian friend knows they are one of the chosen few he lets into his circle. These personalities of astrology signs tends to stay free and self-reliant.

The Aquarian worker is more of a thinker than a doer. His unconventional attitude may not go over well with a more traditional boss. But, this worker will be your technical expert in the office, who will keep all your technology on the cutting edge.

In any relationship, your Aquarian is smart, quick, fun and a memorable person. They accept the flaws in others without comment and expect the same from you. They like group activities, and will always be a futuristic interesting contributor to any conversation.

Pisces – February 19th to March 20th – This is the Light, Revealing the Light of Life Itself. It ends forever the Darkness of Matter.

Pisces is a Water Sign ruled by Neptune and Jupiter in the conventional man, and Pluto in the disciple.

With Pisces you will find a patient, perceptive, spiritual, peace-loving and imaginative person who is considerate and sensitive to the feelings of others. Pisces like to influence others through their compassionate, charitable and imaginative natures, but they are often influenced and vulnerable, because these sensitive personalities of astrology signs absorb the emotions of others easily. One would say they are easily influenced or impressionable.

Pisces need to develop more discrimination with people to curb the impressionable nature of those born under this personality of astrology signs. It’s their indecisiveness, timidity, melancholies and feeling they are misunderstood that stands in their way. It gives others the impression they are pessimistic lost souls. Pisces often lack clarity and practicality.

This is an artistic, creative and psychic sign with a keen imagination. Often this sign is a dreamer with an unworldly intuitive side. The soul lesson is to learn and accept, "I live my life through accepting what IS." It’s not about changing or fixing. It’s about accepting with compassion without taking on the negative issues of others.

For most Pisces, acquiring wealth is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Pisceans are devoted parents, and spouses who take very good care of their family and friends. They show compassion, caring and understanding without complaining. The dual fish sign is often a victim of their own choices, and have issues of lifelong problems with self-medication.

Your Piscean child will often have imaginary friends who they converse with regularly. Pisces child may appear clingy or needy because of their strong emotional attachments to family. They need emotional support and love from their family to feel secure. Once they start school, they will excel at whatever they puts their mind to.

The Piscean worker is personable, easygoing and charming. They will be well-liked by co-workers. As a boss they will have an open door policy, and will be fair in how they treat employees.

In a relationships, your Pisces will be a deep caring individual who is surprisingly witty and very insightful. They will be sensitive to your feelings and will go to great lengths to not offend you, which sometimes comes off as being phony or untruthful.

Piscean personalities of astrology signs are offered opportunities throughout life to gain understanding and sympathy with every phase of share in joy and suffering without becoming emotionally attached to the situation or outcome. To achieve this, is to have accomplished your soul’s mission under this sign.


Each person is affected to an extent by the different personalities of astrology signs and their inherent traits. But depending on where a person is on the path of spiritual unfolding, the effects the birth sign of these personalities of astrology signs would be greatly diminished.

The governing planet or planets start to have a larger affect. The purpose is to transcend their affect using this energy for useful purposes instead of just reacting to events brought about by your planet’s tendencies.

The personalities of astrology signs give you a fair idea of what the people in your circle are like. What you read on the daily horoscope about the personalities of astrology signs is very general.

But, as said earlier, the person on the path has to be looked at more so in relationship to their moon, rising sign, rays, and the planets that govern them in these areas.

Ancient astrology history took a while to place importance on the personalities of astrology signs. Astrology was used to predict future events, more so than individual characteristics.

More and more people are looking at their lives and working to find out the greater meaning of life. The beginning of the present Great Cycle has had an introspective effect on people. In other words, more people are on the path. The Age of Pisces is the sign that governs choice at the level of the solar plexus. The Age of Aquarius is ruled by the chakra at the heart. We are leaving the values of, "Money, power and control," and going to "Love, brotherhood, unity and integrity," now that the Great Cycle has changed.

We are all being asked to look at our lives and make choices that will support the values of next Great Age. Since we were all given Free is a choice. The amount of pain and suffer each of us will endure depends of how willing we are to take on the values of the next Great Age. Values will be changed whether we agree with them or not. The earth is vying to be a sacred planet. Since we are part of the earth...we will have to change with the planet.

Esoteric astrology helps an individual determine where they are on the spiritual path. The planets, rays and crosses will be covered in this article in much more detail, because these aspects have more influence on the path of the disciple than the personalities of astrology signs.

The motivating power of the Universe is Love. In order to survive into the next Great Age, Unconditional Love has to become the focus of each and every one of our lives.


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