The New World Order Can't Control the Rebirth of Feminine Energy Within Us 

by Sandra Weaver

The new world order is said to be spearheaded by an elusive group of powerful families. They are said to control the world's finances, cause discord with world governments, arrange assassinations, disasters, and plan to reduce the worlds population to 1/3 of its present size. They apparently do this to control humanity.

After this world-wide catastrophe, no countries or boundaries will exist. One government of their people will run the world. Those who survive this debacle will be servants to these elite. Anyone who refuses, will be outlawed, left to starve or targeted for elimination. Movies like Zeitgest and Esoteric Agenda, demonstrate their version of how they see this scenario panning out. God has other plans. 

Embrace the new values and ride the wave of the new age we just entered.

The shake-out we're experiencing right now in the environment, the economy, and society are all part of a greater plan that is meant to raise the spiritual consciousness and understanding of the world. Old values from the Age of Pisces have to be eliminated to make room for the new Age of Aquarius values. Our children are quite different from us, because they already possess more of the traits of the new great cycle. They have no faith in the old ways, for good reason.

Realigning with our feminine energy is our safety.

In fact, the reason for all these earth and social changes is to move us to realign with our feminine energy: our feeling, intuitive side. 

We've been brainwashed into thinking humanity is the cause of Global Warming. People would be more accepting of population reduction as necessary for survival if the world was being ruined by excess population...maybe even welcome it, if they felt guilty enough. It's important that this handful of powerful people has humanity's cooperation.

Science verifies that the magnetism of the world is changing with our location in relation to the Galactic center of the universe at the center of the Milky Way. It's this changing magnetism that is helping to cause the earth changes. This is a universal phenomena, not just on our planet.

The physical is just a manifestation of the emotional. People suppressing their emotions through guilt, judgment and denial is the catalyst causing the physical. As without. It's our feminine side that has been suppressed by what is expected and acceptable according to our current social norms.

Some say the new world order is causing all the havoc. The new world order is just the reflection of what's going on inside of us. If we healed these aspects of ourself, these families would lose their power over us. They are being exposed as self-serving as the people wake up to their feminine side. 

The new world order knows why the climate and other changes are happening. They know about the new great cycle. But they're not prepared to give up their seat of power. God, again, has other plans.

The planet is going through a cleansing. It's only the beginning and it will intensify. It's all part of the natural process when a Great Cycle change occurs, and there have been many.

The new world order is not in alignment with the new values of next Great Cycle, of "love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. In fact the new world order appears to fail on all accounts.

Each of us have plenty of work to do to assimilate these values ourselves. Within is the only place we can truly make changes that will change the world. Trust must be given to our feminine intuitive side, and questioned from the intellectual side. Start by recognizing, feeling and releasing emotions we have denied. 

Where did these denied feelings go? They accumulated in our bodies for the most part and manifest as disease and aging. The degree to which we accept and release these denied feelings affects our level of happiness and peace. Within we have to make room for the new, by purging the old.

Byron Katie's wonderful website, has an amazingly simple but effect way you can question your stressful thoughts to gain emotional freedom. It's not enough to just have positive thoughts to eliminate the negative. The negative have to be truly felt first, and understood.

We are now being asked to reconnect to a long forgotten part of ourselves...our feminine or vital energy.

It makes no difference if you're a man or a woman. ALL possess feminine energy, just as all have masculine energy. Humanity and the world have been out of balance since the beginning of time due to our over dominant masculine energy.

Women have taken on the traits of men in business, in their family lives, and in their personal relationships. They felt it was necessary to compete in a male dominated world. They're tired, angry and frustrated.

Men feel emasculated, which is causing relationship issues and impotence. They have yearned for a missing part of themselves, the feminine, to return but most don't know how to find it. Men are looking for it in their wives and lovers. It's time for women to reconnect with their own feminine side to show themselves and their men the way. It's all about balance.

The shift for balance and harmony has begun.

The feminine energy was considered weak, because its intuitive power wasn't appreciated. We were all taught to think, not feel. Reconnecting to our intuitive is the only way we will be able to control our destiny, and triumph over the new world orders, if the new world order exists at all. They reflect a detrimental form of masculine energy, Spirit in a Body, with no Will or Heart.

There are a lot of reasons to believe the new world order does in fact exist.

The new world order plans on continuing with the values they nurtured. They are not prepared to give up their seat of power. This is the real effect of the poisoning of this planet. This is not unusual for the ruling parties to want to stay in power. It has happened with every change in age.

It's time for us to listen to our feelings and our body reactions to different events or happenings. And, it's time to trust the feeling without questioning it and minimizing it.

How do you know if a message is from your feminine? It will always be spontaneous, immediate, and the feeling will be felt in the body.

If you know all the steps ahead of time, the message is not from God but the intellect. It's like the headlights on a car. What you need to see only comes into view as you move along the path. It's up to you to TRUST that everything will be given you as you are ready.

When I got into my car in November 2009, I looked at my beautiful home and Lake Huron for the last time. I knew the wheels of my Subaru would never again touch this driveway. The pull to go to Mount Shasta, CAclose to 3,000 miles away, was greater than my fear of leaving the security of what I knew. In Mount Shasta, I've found many hidden aspects of myself. It's ongoing. I'm a much better person. I have no regrets. I had to trust I would be okay, and I flourished.

We can't "think" our way out of this world-wide debacle. It's perfect!

Yes, perfect...right down to the threat of the new world order! If something so monumental as earth, government and social debacles were not taking place, no one would look within for help. No one would want to change.

Humanity as a whole worries about threats like the new world order, and spends far too little time thinking about what they want. This is not about reacting. It's about creating what you truly want. First it's important to call back the blocked imprints or denied emotions that stand in the way of creating your dreams.

Your thoughts play a big part in controlling your destiny, but so do your feelings.

The emerging feminine within is the key to gaining back control of our lives from the clutches of this new world order, and other limitations we believe in. They're all lies! They are only true if we believe them. Once we reconnect with our feminine energy as God now has, we will be unstoppable. There will be no force on earth, not even the threat of the new world order that will hold a candle to our power.

How do you find peace and safety in this world of chaos?

Accept and release these unfelt emotions stored in your souls record. They are affecting your decisions today. Only then can Spirit shine through. The only way to reduce and eliminate these old charged emotions is by accepting them, truly feeling them, and releasing them through the healing power of forgiveness.

It's not the feminine energies goal to dominate. This feeling energy works subliminally in the background. She whispers messages of unconditional love, encouragement, compassion, and faith. She is emerging again, not to squash the masculine, but to work side by side with him in harmony, love, equality and unity. It's only when the energies work together we have peace.

Rejoice, we're going in the direction of home!

Fear is how the new world order has controlled us in the past, and fear is their weapon today. Fear is attracted to itself. What you fear will come to you. It has to. If you ask for it by devoting your thoughts to will come.

Most people who are aware of the underground working of this new world order, are living in fear for themselves and their families. They're building bunkers, storing food, and trying to find the safest place to life on earth. Many feel helpless and hopeless. These emotions don't serve you!

To heal...and yes we are all sick...we must take full responsibility for our lives and what has happened to us. Even when we feel we've been wronged. It's only when we take full responsibility that we have control, and leave victim mode.


Science confirms we came the closest we have been in 26,000 years to the birthplace of creation at the end of 2012...the galactic center of the Milky Way. It's said by our ancient ancestors the Classic Maya and others, this closeness amplifies our drive to grow spiritual making us more aware, and in line for spiritual rebirth. We also crossed over to the other side of the Milky Way at the same time.

They are symbols of what's going on inside of each and every one of us. Once the cosmic and earth changes are complete, we'll be like newborns in a new world order, but not the one created by the New World Order. This time it will be ministered by God with our help. It will feel like we have finally come home to the part of us we have longed for...our feminine side balanced with God.

Moving to a higher vibration is the destiny of the planet. The higher the frequency, the more love, peace and joy. The only way to accomplish this is through the drastic changes we have been experiencing, and will continue to experience to purge what doesn't work in our lives anymore. We must all decide if we'll make the shift both physically and spiritually. Our personal peace and happiness depends on it.

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