My Spiritual Art Coaxes You to Have the Courage to Keep Moving Forward on Your Path

Symbols of Inspiration and Wisdom from Nature.

"I wanted to include this page on my art to give you a better understanding of who I am and what I stand for."

Spiritual art is created to touch your soul. It's through the soul your physical health and happiness manifests.

Everything that comes into our life has a purpose. All events...relationships...joys and tragedies are there to teach us about ourselves. At times life is overwhelming. God/The Universe often uses symbols or metaphors, to reach us and help us through the rough spots. Metaphors also help us have gratitude for the goodness in our lives. Some of the most powerful nature metaphors are anomalies or unusual things found in nature.

My Mission

I'm Sandra Musser. My artistic mission is to bring nature‚Äôs own spiritual images of inspiration and wisdom to you through my detailed watercolor paintings. Read about my journey. I want you to feel you are right there "in the picture" as I did when I painted them. See them below. The one that grabs your attention, has something to tell you. My wish is they touch you, and help you continue your journey along your path to self-realization.

Nature has something to tell you...listen with your heart.

Spiritual Art- I Accept You as You Are

"I Accept You As You Are"
Original picture: 10 x 8"
The two butterflies looking at their crossed antennas represented the unprecedented election of President Obama to me at the time I painted it. What it's really about is working together for a common goal. Realizing that when we accept and work together magic happens.

Spiritual Art - Welcome to my World

"Welcome to My World"
Original image size: 10 x 12.5"
I had to accept this furry one needed a home in my herb and flower garden to raise her family. She taught me tolerance, acceptance, and understanding that we all belong on this earth.

Spiritual Art - Trust Your Inner Guidance

"Trust Your Inner Guidance"
Original image size: 14 x 20"
Trees often grow in the most precarious positions. This cliff-hanger felt comfortable in it's uncompromising position. Why? Because it trusted in the Universal forces that it would be alright. It learned to live in harmony with it's environment, no matter where it happened to be knowing it was safe.

Spiritual Art - Peace and Serenity

"Peace and Serenity"
Original image size: 10 x 8"
This little guy was just outside my window on a blistering -28 degree day. He simply puffed up his feathers. Then he settled in as comfortable and content as can be.

Many more to come...

The world is your mirror.

SORRY - This page is under construction.

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