The Values of the Next Great Cycle Hold the Keys to Our Safety

By Sandra Musser

Around December 21, 2012 the values and morals of love, unity and integrity will usher in the beginning of the next Great Cycle.

The Maya believed that time is a continuous series of reoccurring cycles.

values Maya mask

The Maya believe we are given another set of traits by the divine or Universe and another chance to move closer to enlightenment depending on whether we administer these values through love or hate. The scenarios or the essence of the past events repeat or circle back to us and we are given another chance to change history. These negative misdeeds from the past come back to be healed till we reach perfection again.

The only thing that separates us from divinity is unhealed feelings and emotions. When these feelings and emotions are accepted, fully felt, and forgiven the only thing left is our divine selves.

The traits of the present age had to be let go before the next Great Cycle and it's new values began. It’s this letting go that we are experiencing right now.

My article, The Mayan Prophecies for 2012 and Why You Should Take Them Seriously, explains how the values of love, unity and integrity are already starting to transition us to the next Great Age. We’re going through the pain of letting go of the present World Age values of money (material possessions), power and control.

The Maya believed time was circular like the seasons not linear, as the Judeo-Islamic-Christians believe. The entire universe and the earth operate on cycles...except our concept of linear time. It's we who are out of sync.

The Maya and many other cultures believed historical tendencies repeated themselves in cycles. It’s like we got another kick at the can through continuous cycles. The purpose is to grow successively, and there are key signs that growth is happening in humanity as a whole.

"Only the monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Islam insist on a linear model of time – one with a clear beginning and an equally clear, absolute, ending. Most traditional or tribal religions postulate a whole different worldview. They see human history as a series of endlessly recurring cycles. We have no reason to suspect that the Mayans saw things differently." Jaguar Wisdom, Kenneth Johnson

What does the beginning of the next Great Cycle mean to us?

The time leading up to a Great Cycle shift is a time of tremendous change according to the Maya. All the values and traits of the present age must change to coincide with the coming Great Age. It is said when you fight the natural transition to the next age, you’ll experience pain and fear. It’s by aligning yourself with the changes that you experience the beauty of the change. It’s much like the change in the seasons. The seasons will change whether you want them to or not. All you can control is how you feel about the change.

Aligning with the change NOW while this transition is taking place is where your peace and safety lies. We are in the "time of no time" according to the Maya, when the old values are replaced by the new. We are leaving a time of darkness according to the Maya.

I want to make something very clear to you. Money (possessions), power and control are not negative in themselves.

They are simply the values and traits of the present Great Age, the Age of Pisces. It's HOW we use them that makes the difference. It’s up to us whether those traits come from darkness or the light. In this Great Age we have accumulated a lot of negative but also some positive. Fear controls many now, which is the main reason for the

doomsday prophecies prevalent today. Fear of what? Change. Change brings both pain and growth. Pain is often felt with change, but it is our experience when we fight the change.

There’s always a positive and negative side to everything. It’s up to each of us to choose the direction of darkness or the light. Money, power and control when used for the greater good of all IS a sign of love. It’s positive when people have the knowledge they need, to earn money so "they" have the power to control their destiny. Organizations, companies and individuals who have worked to "empower others instead of control them" will be the most likely to survive this economic upheaval.


We each have to embrace or reject the values of the "next" Great Age, the Age of Aquarius. As you already know the transition or releasing of the present era can be quite painful. Just read the news about the world’s upheavals. Peace comes with TRUSTING God/The Universe and the flow of change wherever it may take us.

The present Great Age will end around 2012. But, this end is actually a beginning. The great circle of time continues marking the beginning of the next Great Age. It also marks the end of the present Great Cycle that started August 14, 3114 B.C.

Great changes happened all over the world around 3100 B.C. How we embrace the new values is our choice. The world is ready for a change and our souls are begging for peace. I’m looking forward to the change to the change. Love, unity and integrity has a nice ring to it.


Jaguar Wisdom, Kenneth Johnson

Esoteric Astrology Seminar, Dehyana Lee Lim, Anchoring the Light

A Course in Miracles, Foundation for Inner Peace

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