How Indigo Children with ADHD Can Live and Thrive Without Ritlin

When indigo children are drugged, it takes away their warrior spirit and their mission. Indigos diagnosed with ADHD can be managed through an organic preferably, vegan diet and a caring, understanding family. With the proper diet, they usually don't have any problem with ADHD.

It's the pesticides, GMO's, sugar, processed foods, meats and diary that makes them aggressive, anxious, tired, and withdrawn. Foggy brain and memory lapses even in adults is caused by these same factors. Fix these issues, and in most cases you eliminate the cause.

Another major problem is our archaic school systems. These children often have the answer to questions way ahead of time and are bored. A study found just a multi-vitamin a day can change an indigo child by making them more socially acceptable, awake, and they do better in school. But, choose a "whole food supplement" or the body will not gain the proper nutrients.

Through these children, we are witnessing the evolution of the human species, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When diagnosed as ADD, many of these children are simply not tuned in during class, because they are receiving information from another realm. Out-of-body experiences are commonplace for indigo children. Many do so to visit their guardians.

ADD kids are also very sensitive to food coloring. As little as one cookie will negatively affect a child, because of the sugar, white flour, and food coloring. Anything that is not natural or not a whole food, will have a negative effect on the body. The body wants good whole food, plain and simple. But, it has to be in the right food combinations.

Sprouted seeds are 30-50% more nutritious than the parent plant. They are easy, fun to make, and very economical.

Spirits that haven’t crossed over to the other side, for their own reasons visit attuned young people.

They’re attracted to indigo children because of their non-judgmental, open hearts. These spirits sense the children will help them...and they are not disappointed. Often they are seeking help to make the cross over, and telepathically these children communicate with them and give them the love they need to leave the earth plane. 

100 Percent Pure

The ability to heal themselves through love is apparent in many indigo children. A hug or a warm bath is often all it takes to release the negative energies.

Indigo children require outside sunlight and cardiovascular activity for at least 20 minutes a day. Sunlight raises the level of melatonin, our natural sleep hormone, so they can sleep at night. Exercise also releases negative energy from their bodies. Meditation has also been shown to relax these children and promote sleep.

It’s by going within that these children realize their greatness. That’s where their higher self resides. Their higher selves understand them completely and reminds them of why they are here.

One young lady Ahn was very susceptible to loud noises and bright florescent lighting. Both made her physically ill. High vibrational music resonates well with her because it’s in sync with her higher level energy.

Nature, especially water has a positive effect on her. But she also benefits from trees, rocks, crystals, and animals. This indigo child prefers to use her telepathy and remote viewing skills to tap into the galactic grid of consciousness, mostly in a dream state. Her desire is to: "...use my gifts to enlighten others, to be in JOY, and to help create our New Earth full of unconditional LOVE." Conversations with the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Losey

By weight blue green algae is the most nutritious and complete whole food on the planet. I helps improve cognition, memory, and reduces brain fog.

If an indigo child or any person were to learn the power of going within, there would be no need for Ritlin or any other mood altering drugs.

It’s within that we find peace from this chaotic world we live in today. When we tap into our inner source, we have a direct connection to the divine. It’s through this connection we learn our personal purpose, which we agreed to before we were born.

The indigos classified as ADD or ADHD could represent the bridge between the intellect and our unlimited spirits. The only real difference between a spiritually aware person, and one that is bound by the senses and the intellect, is the spiritually aware person knows, trusts and follows their inner promptings.

Indigo children and their mission is tied to the indigo prophecies from the Age of Aquarius and the new Great Cycle that just began in 2013. 

Indigos have shown signs of channeling from the universe with their writing. Often they write words they didn’t understand, but the meanings are always profound.

The best thing we can do as parents is to get out of their way when they need us to...and be there for them when they need us to be. Parents should help them maneuver in our world. 

Juicing is the best way to fortify the body with pure nutrition in the exact form your body wants. Get a blast of well needed nutrition, drink freshly juiced vegetables twice a day. I have a Norwalk juicer, but the Omega is a good choice too.

Indigo children are here to make this world into their world for the good of all and the planet.

Indigo children find peace and comfort when they remember their lives purpose. They seem to be aware of it innately, and can’t find comfort in this world because overall, people don’t understand them. Manifesting things and events in their lives is understood and accepted by other indigo children. This world tries to rein them in and make them conform to their standards with drugs.

When one knows their true purpose for being here, all the nonsense and chaos around them will not alter their peace. Every psychological problem stems from not working on Purpose. Depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, low self-esteem and more can easily be the result of a lack of focus. Doors open when one follows their divine guidance because they’re on purpose.

Add to that low nutrient value, chemically laden foods and you have a recipe for disaster. 

Light workers are pre-indigos that have the experiences of indigo children, but the knowledge and knowing of disassociation.

A light worker will remove themselves from a situation. They swallow their feelings and disassociate themselves from the negative energy of others. This makes for non-confrontational conversations with authority figures. Young adult indigos dig in their heels and don't want to budge creating opposition.

What they could learn from attuned older adults is it doesn't matter what others think. You don't have to convince them. Just do what you feel is right and leave them to their beliefs.

This is how light workers help today's indigo children function in the world. But we can learn from indigo children too. Indigo children can smell a rat right away! Adults can too, but don’t tend to listen! The indigo child will follow their feelings and not back paddle.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay is a comprehensive guide showing how every disease has an emotional beginning. The planet is evolving, and we must heal in order to grow with it.

More attuned indigo children look at disasters differently than others.

It’s not that they don’t experience what others do, it’s just that they look at the reason bad things happen completely differently. For them a disaster is a learning tool, they put themselves on notice to look within and see how they have to change their thoughts or actions.

Attuned ones take responsibility for their reality, because they KNOW they created it. Many realize we are all "ONE." Someone elses reality is their own personal reality as well. Byron Katie has a great process of four little questions and a turnaround to diffuse stressful thoughts for good.

To change the world the aware person has to change their thinking and forgive to release negativity.

"We are all ONE. Everybody is me...I bring all sorts of energy and so do you." Jasin speaking, from Conversations with the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Losey

Dehydrated food is nutritious, easy and fun. The Excalibur dehydrator is the one I recommend, because it has a thermostat to control the heat. Enzymes die at over 108 degrees.


ADHD and ADD children are the product of the food they eat, as well as, toxins accumulated in their bodies from simple acts of eating, breathing and drinking. Yes, we are all toxic, from the moment we are born. Toxicity is the major cause of every disease known to man including mental/emotional illness.

The body can not protect us if it is laden with high acid toxins.

Ritlin isn't necessary if these children receive high nutrient, alkaline foods like blue green algae, wheat grass and sprouted seeds. Gluten, GMO foods, sugar, and processed foods of all kinds must be removed from their diets for them to find happiness, peace, and be a more acceptable citizen in this world.

But, the body also needs to undergo a regular detox to eliminate the accumulated heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins. Many of these toxins come from vaccinations. With the proper nutrients and regular detoxing, the body will find balance. When the body is in balance a child's mental faculties will be in balance as well. 

Lindsay had this to say: "I have been given certain gifts that some children have not fully developed, but again we are all ONE, and we are different, yet the same." Conversations with the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Losey

Yes, we are all the same, with no one better than another. The difference is, some are more aware of their greatness.

Read more in my other indigo children article called indigo children-1.


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