The Subconscious Mind Holds the Key to Lasting Peace and Happiness

By Sandra Weaver

The subconscious mind garnishes all the traumas and denied emotions we have felt since the beginning of our existence. These accumulated painful thoughts can be released. The good news is if one of these patterns is cured, all the similar ones will be healed during the same process.

These stressful thoughts tend to loop like a tape on continuous repeat. They're looking for love and acceptance and they will keep coming back until they find it. It's up to us to decide how long we want them to revisit. They can be healed. 

When suppressed feelings are truly expressed, something magical happens. The built up negative charge is released. A lightness will fill your entire being because a tremendous weight has been lifted. The release will be permanent, unless the expresser becomes overrun by guilt for expressing how they really feel. 

The subconscious mind, is just that...not in our realm of consciousness.

The subconscious mind operates in the background, affecting decisions and emotions. Often one doesn't even realize why they react in a certain way. It's an imprint caused by an unhealed, unaccepted feeling from the past or even a past life.

Medical professionals and scientist say the subconscious mind represents the largest percentage of our consciousness. They're right. It's in this subconscious mind that we hold the imprints and ancient patterns that are running our lives today without us even being aware of it. The knowledge of the ancestors is stored here as well. We  do not yet remember how to access it.

The key is to bring the subconscious mind into consciousness. We were never meant to have a subconscious mind. Everything was meant from the beginning to be conscious and open with no secrets...nothing hidden or unknown. This is where we are headed with the now new great cycle change since the end of 2012. 

Even the values of the new great age show consciousness with no secret subconscious mind. The new values are love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. Once this age, also known as the Age of Aquarius takes full hold, dishonestly will be impossible, because it will be readily perceived by others. The very different children of today have more of this knowing intact then their parents. There will be no secrets, because the subconscious mind will be in full consciousness.

In private, is the best way to express pent up emotions, because the emotions can be expressed without inhibition or interruption.

This isn't about blame. It's not important to confront another directly! This isn't about them. Remember, you let them get away with what they said or did in the beginning. It's time to take back your power and accept responsibility for your part in this pain! These are your feelings you have suppressed, not theirs.

It's about you and always has been. The resolution has to be within you. It's not important if they know, and that's all that matters. The most important person this needs to be expressed to, is you.

Every house should have a sound-proof room with lots of pillows, a plastic bat and a punching bag.

A room like this if used to release pent up emotion, would go a long way to increasing the level of happiness in a person and the home. It's the movement of the body and voice that must go along with the verbal expression. Words alone are not enough.

In private, is the best way to express these rejected emotions. Then the emotions can be expressed without inhibition or interruption. Let them rip and win an oscar with your performance. There are also many groups, such as the ManKind Project and Woman Within, that aim to create a container where these expulsions can be expressed safely and confidentially.

Through many lifetimes, since the beginning of time we have all repeated the same imprinted patterns over and over again. These imprints or patterns have been performed with different characters, and a different twist, but essentially, nothing has changed. It doesn't have to stay this way.

These imprints are so ingrained we relive them, and take them as truth, but they aren't. They can be changed and have to be changed in order for us to find true happiness and love. As Byron Katie says, "I never believe my stressful thoughts. I have questioned then and found them all to be untrue." She has an amazing process for releasing these stressful thoughts.

The traumatic things that could have happened through our lives are affecting our decisions today. Because the cause is locked in our sub-conscious mind we have no idea why we have these strong feelings.

Denial enslaves emotions in the subconscious mind.

Signs of these denied emotions can manifest as unexplained memory gaps in our childhood. This happens when something horrific is rejected and we block whole segments of our past; not just the event itself. Another sign is multiple failed relationships, and unexplained fears.

In our society expressing true feelings is often not acceptable, especially the negative ones. This is how negative feelings get blown out of proportion, accumulate, and when they do find expression a bomb goes off!! Why? Because of the pent up charge caused by the suppression! This only causes guilt and further suppression, which perpetuates the problem.

When suppressed feeling are truly expressed, something magical happens. The built up negative charge is released instantly, and makes room for love to come in. A weight has lifted.

The gap is the subconscious and it's here that we have to look to find what's preventing the joining between our masculine and feminine aspects.

The gap is the space at the heart where the two energies have not come together. We all have flashes or memories that creep out from the subconscious mind, but often they are too frightening or painful, so we shove them back down into the subconscious. Look at's in their acceptance, loving and healing your happiness lies!

How many men or women do you know who can't handle the expression of their spouses feelings and emotions? Yes, it can be either spouse. Maybe it's your spouse.

One tunes out the other and pretends to listen, while in reality they don't want to hear what their partner is saying. They often already have an opinion they can't wait to express. All the other spouse wants is to be heard and their feelings accepted. They don't have to be agreed to, just accepted.

The receiving partner often denies their partners feelings, and talks over them till they are silenced. Again these feelings become stifled and they go into temporary dormancy...but at a heavy price.

The price is usually compromised mental and physical health, aging, and depression. A further distance is created between the two spouses, because the emotions of one are not considered important to the other. Intimacy suffers, understanding suffers, and a new greater bitterness is established.

One spouse just doesn't understand the other and often doesn't want to.

In most cases all that would have been necessary is for the other spouse to simply listen attentively, with compassion and understanding. 

The intensity, the anger, the bitterness, and content of these unexpressed emotions often shocks or surprises the receiving spouse. Some of these emotions could be from decades ago, and long forgotten by the receiving spouse...but not by the sharing spouse. They have held onto this pain the entire time. They are all calls for love...yes, your love. Also calls for self-love.

Byron Katie is the master at bringing these unquestioned, stressful thoughts to the surface for true healing. Her process is called "The Work." 

If the receiving spouse could look at the situation compassionately, without defensiveness, they would see their part and a healing would be possible. 

Our feminine energy would want to be closer to the masculine, because now she has been heard and her feels accepted. The charge would be released and a new lightness would enter the feminine causing the kundalini energy to move to the sacral chakra...the chakra of intimacy.

We've all had stories from our past that come back to haunt us over and over again. The feminine feeling/emotional aspects of ourselves has affected us all our lives. It doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man. We all have four parts of self. The goal is to balance them so there's harmony.

These imprints or patterns have been performed with different characters, and a different twists but essentially, nothing has changed. 

These are the four parts that exist within each of us.

Spirit - represents the pure Father, masculine side of us. This side is ambitious, visionary, analytical, calculating, progressive, self-serving, stern, cold and narcissistic. When one lives mostly through the spirit, they may be unloving, rigid, driven, but very focused on their goals. The masculine needs the feminine aspect of self to balance it through love and compassion. It's only through balance the kundalini energy can move. The upper chakra colors represent the Spirit and are blue, indigo and purple.

Will - is our feminine side. This is where all emotion, anger, jealousy, sadness, happiness, fear, warmth, guilt and more. The feminine is movement in all aspects. This part of us needs direction from the masculine, as well as the ability and acceptance to express its feelings to be complete. The lower chakras are the domain of the Mother. Their colors are yellow, orange and red at the base. Red is where the kundalini energy rests waiting for us to evolve to the point where it can move up through the chakras.

Heart - is the joining point or blending of the masculine and feminine energies. If the kundalini energy moves, often it will be stopped at this point because of the lack of alignment between the masculine and feminine. Without heart, this energy can not move safely through to the upper chakras. To achieve a rise in consciousness, you must go through the heart.

You can dwell in the realm of the upper chakras in an unfeeling focused way. But, you would be lacking in love, softness, compassion for others and emotional expression found in the lower chakras. Green in the middle would be the coming together of the our first two aspects. This coming together along with the movement of the Mother drives the kundalini energy upward.

Body - is the physical expression of the joining of the masculine and feminine energies. Without the physical, there could be no true joining or place for the kundalini energy to move. The importance of body has been negated by many in the spiritual community.

Body has consciousness. We all need our bodies or there is no evolution of consciousness. We manifested on this earth because this is where evolution has to take place. To negate the body is to reject our ability to grow spiritually. Self-love is reflected when the body is taken care of... nourished properly nurtured and respected. When the kundalini energy rises through the chakras, body will still be present, but in a much lighter, less dense form. The weight of suppression will be lifted.


Through many lifetimes, since the beginning of time we have all repeated the same imprinted patterns over and over again. 

There's a gap between the masculine and feminine energies, where heart should be. The masculine or Spirit is represented by the upper three chakras, (crown, third eye, and throat). The Will is the lower three chakras, (root, sacral and solar plexus). The one in the middle, Heart was meant to be the joining of the masculine and feminine energies. But suppression of feelings by the masculine, and the feminine has created what we call the subconscious mind.

Positive thoughts will not release these negative thoughts from the subconscious mind. Only true expression, understanding, acceptance and love will move them to the conscious mind and where they can be healed.


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"The Work" by Byron Katie

"Revitalize Your Hormones," by Theresa Dale

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