Indigo Children are Not Here to Challenge us, but to Teach us

Indigo children are not freaks of nature. They represent a giant leap in our own evolution of consciousness. Many indigos are psychic either through dreams or awake. The one underlying reality about these special children is they know they are here to change the world into a better place.

The label "indigo", does not include all children born near 1980 and beyond. To label ALL children such, puts much more pressure on these children than they can handle. I ask you to let them SHOW you who they are, without the labels of psychic or special.

Having said this, an unusual number of children WERE born with unbelievable psychic abilities all over the globe. So too is the willingness of parents to accept these gifts and even nurture them through special schools to develop these "paranormal" skills.

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As our world’s magnetic field changes, people of any age will show tendencies towards increased psychic abilities. Indigos come by these abilities innately.

You may feel changes happening within you too in the coming years. The ray energy is increasing as the magnetic field drops causing changes in our own DNA. Indigo children come with DNA changes already in place. In addition, many indigo children are experiencing increased shifts as they begin to enter and experience the trying, yet transformative Saturn Return.

A previous article I wrote explains how you can tell if you or your child are in fact an indigo child.

I ask you to listen to an indigo child without judgment. These children are confused and torn. They want to please their parents and teachers, but they want to be true to their mission, and the messages they're receiving from other realms too. It's important they be true to themselves too. At times they will sound wise beyond their years, so spiritual and compassionate. Other times they will sound just like any other child.

Indigo children are not like the children of the past.

It’s hard to explain to other children and adults who can’t see them...that there are people like fairies all around them, even if they can only sense them. Over and over again, these special indigo children report that they remember living on other planets, and that they miss them. Their memories are quite vivid too.

Many indigo children just don't fit with kids that are considered "normal" by adults. But usually they are respected for their powerful sight, kindness and strong caring. If another child is having difficulty, often an indigo child will inform parents or teachers of this problem before it even occurs. They pick up on other people’s feelings.

When I first read about Nicholas Tschense he amazed me. This boy from the age of three knew his purpose: "Listen up, I have a tremendous purpose in life. I am here to teach God messages." If I had to give you his message in a few words it would be "Unconditional Love." By the age of three he wrote a poem entitled, "Rare Beauty." He’s been asked to speak all over the world, and was the first child to receive the Child and Youth Award for Healing and Peace.

Indigo children like Jasin from the time they were born were able to telepathically activate toys consciously. One day he woke up and announced he wanted to be called Jasin from now on. When his parents looked it up, it meant "healer." This amazing young man has memories of past lives here and on other planets.

He asked for toys that he doesn’t use for Christmas because he wanted to give them to needy children. This and many of the other quotes from children are exerts are from a book called Conversations with the Children of Now.

Indigo children live in the present moment, are guided by a higher power, and have a mission they are driven to accomplish.

Indigo children often worry they won’t be able to accomplish their mission or purpose here on earth. They try to fit into mainstream earth life, but they can't. They are reminded of their mission telepathically and psychically. It often conflicts with "acceptable" earthly expectations from their parents, which causes them to be confused. Their missions are individual, but all have the same theme. "They are here to transition the world into the next Great Cycle (now the present one) with a whole new set of values."

So how do angels communicate with indigo children?

Angels reach indigo children through their thoughts. No words are exchanged.   The conversations are telepathic. One child Joseph knew early in the morning on September 11, 2001 that two planes were going to hit two tall buildings. The two buildings were the World Trade Center.

But, some can see entities. An indigo child named Peter was asked if he could see his angels. He gave his mother a credulous look and said, “Well duh! Of course I can SEE them!”When asked about his angels, he said they brought him gifts, health, beauty, strength and love. These children's stories are from Conversations with the Children of Now.

Special psychic gifts reveal themselves in physically or mentally challenged indigo children.

Even if a child can’t speak, or walk, or use some other part of their physical body, it doesn't mean they don’t have psychic or telepathic sensitivities. For some indigo children it’s much more highly developed, because it’s in these out-of-body states they find their peace, their worth, their freedom, and their expression without limitations.

The spirit world responds to these children, because unlike their parents, they are open to this other dimension, and trust they will be okay.

By weight blue green algae is the most nutritious and complete whole food on the planet. I helps improve cognition, memory, and reduces brain fog. Most indigos lack proper nutrition.

What do they see? They’ll tell you fairies, angels, their spirit guides in many forms, and past lives.

Many indigo children remember in vivid detail, some of their past lives. In one case a six year old's descriptions were so vivid that the parents were able to pinpoint the actual person he had been in his past life.

The very young, called the crystal and rainbow children often remember their past existence on another planet.

One young man named Boriska had this to say: "Sickness comes from people’s inability to live properly and be happy. You must wait for your cosmic half. People should not suffer because of their past mistakes, but get in touch with what’s been predestined for them and try to reach those heights and move on to conquer their dreams...You have to be more sympathetic and warmhearted. In case someone strikes you, hug your enemy, apologize for yourself, and kneel before him. In case someone hates you, love him with all your love and devotion and ask for forgiveness. These are the rules of love and humbleness. The Magic’s Path leads to a dead end. Love is a True Magic." Conversations with the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Losey

Out of body experiences are commonplace for indigo children.

Children were already more adept at traveling outside of their bodies than adults, because they haven’t been conditioned to think that we have to live through the senses. Those children that are adept at projecting their consciousness outside of them, do so spontaneously and easily. To them it’s as natural as breathing. Distance has no bearing either. The ones who have found this gift within themselves are unlimited in every way.

In fact many can initiate out-of-body experiences. Spirit guides, angels and more make themselves known to indigos who are open to their presence. Relationships in other dimensions are common with many of today’s children. They easily communicate, play and otherwise interact with these celestial beings and others.

Children have opened up to tell adults about out-of-body trips to places like Atlantis and other star systems. Most have stuffed these adventures because they learned early that to talk about them is not acceptable. Small wonder these children are angry. It's hard to please yourself and your family both.

"If you realize that you can go from one time to another, because you are really living all times at the same time, you can make choices that literally change the reality that you live now, and at the same time that reality changes all of your other realities forever...All of reality is really one big living organism that has a pulse and a life that is infinite." Weston from Conversations With the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Losey

When visiting other dimensions many of the children report that other beings are very loving and peaceful. These beings give back information to our light traveler children that they can use to help change our reality and world. There are millions of realities beside the Earth and these children have first hand experience being a part of them.

Sprouted organic seeds are often over 30 times more nutritious than the parent plant. They are easy to grow and economical.

The children realize that "thoughts are things" you think so shall you be...literally.

What we do here on earth affects other planets and beings. This is most likely why the indigo children say other beings care deeply about us, and want to help us overcome our destructive ways. All things are made of energy and it’s the same energy here as it is in the entire universe. Quantum Physics confirms this.

When you think about it, how could our actions and thoughts NOT affect the whole. Think of it like a body. When you burn yourself, your finger hurts, but your entire body is affected and aware of that burn. It's the same in the universe. We are after all just a small part of the ONE...the collective consciousness of the universe.

Indigo children are here to teach unconditional love. This is a reoccurring theme.

I believe that the reason we've had a population explosion on earth in the last two or three hundred years, is because many have come from other planets to help earth achieve the status of a sacred planet. Once this is achieved, the population numbers will fall back down to normal sustainable levels here on earth.

We are all different. We all have a different purpose on earth. But, that purpose is ultimately the live in unconditional love, peace and harmony. Why are we here? To learn what it means to truly love each other and ourselves.

A whole new religion or belief system will be formed in the years to come as we have now entered the new Age of Peace, and left Age of Pisces.

We will realize that God is not separate from us...but in us...and around us. In other words, EVERYTHING is God. Nothing is not God.

Wheat grass juice is the most nutritious land based plant. Use it in place of blue green algae or better yet, consume both. Both cleanse the body of toxins, and nutrifies the cells, while it boosts the immune system. Watch for my Raw Food website coming soon!


The vivid memories some indigos have of their past lives, puts them in harmony with the natural forces of the limitless universe, and the knowledge of the ancestors. They are attuned to our earth mother and her needs. But, they are still figuring out what it is and how to use it for the benefit of themselves and the planet. 

When these special indigo children tap into the collective consciousness of the universe all that is known from the beginning of time and beyond becomes available to them. How can we fail to find our place as a sacred planet?

An indigo child has to learn that even though they feel different, they have to honor their differences.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

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