Crystal Children are God's Gift to Help Save the World

By Sandra Weaver

Most crystal children were born in the 1990s. These children have taken the psychic and telepathic abilities of the indigos to even greater heights. Spontaneous unconditional love and psychic healing abilities are key traits of these children. Some crystals were born in the 70s and 80s as scouts to see if the world was ready for these extraordinary children. Humanity must be ready to change because, they're here!

How are crystal children different from indigo children

Unlike indigo children, these children are not confused about living their purpose here. They know and completely honor their role in saving the world, and can still live in harmony with adults at the same time. Indigo children are having a hard time living in the world we know, because they have one foot planted in the world they know is coming.

They want to please their parents, but their parents and teachers don't understand them, which is frustrating. Their challenge is to be  non-confrontational "observers" of life on the listen without judgment to other peoples points of view. Then continue to live and progress in the direction of their hearts.

One of the lessons Indigo's are here to learn, is they can't change other people. They can only change themselves. By following their hearts...they will change the world. It's not important to make a point or try to get others to agree. Crystal's don't have this dilemma.

So what are the traits of a crystal child?

Crystal children talk about the deceased they would never have known, and communicate telepathically with their families. In fact non-verbal conversation is their preferred method of communication.

Small wonder these more psychic children often don't speak till they are three or four years old. Many of their mothers became clairvoyant too while pregnant. I'm sure this happened so they would be better able to help and understand their special children.

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Music delights them, and they can sing or hum in perfect harmony, even the first time they hear a song.

Crystals have very large eyes that can see into the depths of your soul. Often they'll just stare into your eyes, like they are reading your soul's records. Well, that's exactly what they are doing. The sparkle in their huge eyes show their unconditional love.

Crystal children are very easy going. They are even more sensitive to environmental pollutants than indigos. Chemicals of any sort cannot be tolerated. Again they are showing the world what has to change to make the world a better place through their sensitivities.

Our eating patterns are also under pressure as well. Many crystal children have announced they are self-professed vegetarians. Juice by far is their most favorite food. It's interesting they would pick something that their bodies can assimilate easier and provide more nutritional gain per ounce as long as it is freshly made.

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If a crystal child makes you feel uncomfortable...look within, because you are most likely out of integrity.

It's important to be honest and real with a crystal child. Why? They can tell when you're not. Nothing is secret or unknown by these children. They are taped into the universal consciousness. It's important you are in integrity at all times or you'll be exposed by these special children.

Like the indigos before them, the crystal children will eventually make the legal system obsolete, because they can tell immediately when someone is out of integrity or lying. They also do not second guess their feelings.

They are attracted to people with open hearts, like other crystal children or seniors. They know and assess people by looking at them. What goes through their minds? "Does this person have an open heart? Are they in integrity?

Often crystals won't play with other children in the neighborhood, because they feel they're mean. But, they will play happily with other crystals, and they do love animals. In fact they have an affinity for nature in all forms. They want to be outside and get cranky when inside too long. Intuitively they know the healing rays of the sun rejuvenate them with rainbow energy.

By weight blue green algae is the most nutritious and complete whole foods on the planet.

Crystal children are natural healers and have very few material needs.

You won't have heavy demands placed on you or your pocket book by these children, unless they see a particularly nice crystal they just have to have. Their needs are simple. They enjoy a day outside, watching nature, leaves falling, animals, etc. Crystal children are forgiving free spirits.

Crystal children are natural healers. A mother sensed her child had special healing qualities, so she asked her daughter to put her hands on her sore back. The three year old child did as she was instructed and the mother felt much better immediately. Right after, this three year old informed her mother that she didn't have to put her hands on her back to heal her. She could do it with her hands hoovering just above her back.

A crystal child is fascinated by crystals, and will play and talk to them for hours.

Intuitively, they know crystals heal and they have a strong desire to heal others. One little man informed his mother he could heal her with a rose crystal she had on her bed stand...surprising his mother with his, out of the blue comment.

They are powerful, forgiving, loving children...old souls in a young body. They're the answers to our prayers for help to change the world. Non-verbal telepathic communication makes words unnecessary. Everyone has telepathic abilities, but art and drama students are even more telepathic because of their right brain tendencies.

Dehydrated whole food is a healthy snack. Excalibur dehydrators are one of the best, because temperature can be controlled. Heat above 108 degrees kills vital enzymes. This is the one I use.

Doctors often consider crystal children to be autistic...They don't fit the mold of the average child.

They are considerate, caring, love to hug and do things with other people. An autistic child is in their own little world, and is not aware of others around them. Crystals can sense a need to give love to another, and respond by giving them the love they need.

Doreen Virtue relates a story of a little boy who was found sitting on the lap of a neighbor man hugging him. The man had just lost his wife and was crying when the boy saw him. His mother asked him if he said anything to the neighbor man. He said no. All the man needed was some love so he gave it to him. Unconditional love and generosity are strong values in crystal children.

Rainbow children are coming on board now and go beyond the psychic abilities of the crystal children!

Rainbow children represent our own continued evolution in higher consciousness as a species. They represent divinity incarnated. Very few have been born as yet, but their presence is known and can be felt. If you experienced a rainbow child and felt them reach to the very depths of your soul, you would have hope that the planet is going to ascend rather than be destroyed in the near future. 

What IS being systematically destroyed is our outdated, negative values from the Age of Pisces. Rainbow children are born to crystal children who are becoming young adults now. They have come to herald in the new Age of Aquarius and the new Mayan Great Cycle. 

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay is a comprehensive guide showing how every disease has an emotional beginning. The planet is evolving, and we must heal in order to grow with it.
How do we put our thoughts and energy in alignment with the coming new age? Nicholas Tschense from the book, Conversations with the Children of Now, has this to say: "My greatest message for humanity is really simple: learn to listen to your heart. As simple as this sounds, it still asks much of us...I have found that when I listen to my heart, I am never guided wrong. Our hearts are the abode for every emotion, humble or not so humble. Our infinite soul energy resides in our hearts. This is the testimony of all our experiences throughout time. As we awaken to our heart center, we learn to live with grand love." It's time to adopt the values of next Great Cycle ...the Age of Peace...the Age of Aquarius. It's time to take care of ourselves and get outside in nature, so we can receive rainbow energy from the sun without sun block for 20 minutes a day. We are here to help lift the vibration of the earth by lifting our own. We are becoming more sensitive as our very DNA is changing with the increased ray energy and the earth's lower magnetic field. There's only one way. Forgiveness. We have all accumulated negative karma, which is stored in our chakras or energy centers in our bodies. To find the peace and love we desire, these chakras have to be cleared of these negative energies and anger. The best way to accomplish this is through forgiveness. More often than not, we have refused to look at the other point of view, but there is one, and it could be just as true as yours. The indigo, rainbow and crystal children are here to show the rest of us the way. Their message to us is simple...follow the divine guidance you receive without question. The Goddess energy...serpent energy or the feminine is coming back into power after centuries of suppression. Our willingness to receive divine messages is the feminine. Once those messages are received the masculine side of each of us acts it out in the world. The harmony between these two energies is what the Age of Peace is predicted to bring.
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Crystal, indigo and rainbow children have a mission. Their mission is to save the world and make it a better place. They have vivid past life memories. The closer we get to the Great Cycle change, we all will have many more memories from the ancestors. This will help us to live balanced and loving lives.

We will learn to live in harmony with the natural forces of the universe and become attuned to our earth mother and her needs.

We will also KNOW we are ONE with the earth and everything in the universe.  

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