Rainbow Children are Fearless Avatars and a Ray of Hope for the Planet

By Sandra Weaver

Rainbow children are considered by some as Christ-consciousness incarnated. These special children represent the most recent rise in consciousness of our species. Only a few have been born but their presence is known and can be felt. Because of their strong intuition, these children know when someone is out of integrity.

Rainbows or star children go beyond the psychic abilities of crystal children.

Let me tell you something you may not know. To be psychic, as we call it, is normal. To think using only our intellect is abnormal and only part of what we need to make good decisions. What these children have above us is they listen to their inner promptings and go by them much more so than their intellect.

These special children have even more depth than crystal children. If there was ever a bright ray of hope that the world will ascend instead of fall deeper into despair, it's the newest generation, the rainbow children.

These children represent the wave of the future; a future without a legal system, authority or penal systems because everyone will be in integrity. What's the point of lying if others can read your thoughts and feel when something is amiss?

Our outdated values from the Age of Pisces are being eliminated. We are experiencing the debacle now, in the form of unstable financial markets and governments, shaky personal lives, global social unrest and environmental climate problems. Why? Because we are out of integrity with ourselves and others. Our present values will no longer be acceptable now that this new age has rolled in.

We are coming into the age of the Mother, and feeling instead of only thinking. Our emotions are also going to be more expressive and immediate. They won't be denied as they have been in the previous Age, dominated by guilt and rules.

When the shake out is finished, the Age of Aquarius will triumph. Since December 2012, we have experienced the historic cosmic alignment of our sun, earth, and the galactic center of the universe. Our solar system has also made the journey to the other side of the Milky Way, which it hasn't traveled in almost 26,000 years. Science verifies what the Maya knew of both of these events over 2,000 years ago.

100 Percent Pure

Who are these rainbow children?

Rainbow children are the offspring of the young adult crystal children. They have come to the world with little to no karma and have most likely not been incarnated here before. These children give off rainbow energy, the natural pure energy of the universe.

When you're in the sun on a clear, smog-free day, you will receive rainbow sunshine rays too. Think about how good you feel after even a short exposure to the sun. Rainbow energy heals mind, body, and soul.

Dolphins have rainbow energy too, and they emit it to us, if you're lucky enough to be around them. In fact many forms of nature are working overtime to help raise the vibration of the earth.

Rainbow children are the embodiment of rainbow energy. They are bringing it to us even indoors.

QiGong is a very powerful way to heal body and soul through the powerful energies projected outward from within. Reiki helps people to heal faster using energy as well. Both healing energies look like rainbows coming out of a person's hands or other energy centers.

Why are rainbow children so significant to our planet right now? 

Rainbow children are further ahead on the spiritual ascent than most of us. They could be spiritual avatars returning to guide us as they did thousands of years ago. The Classic Maya or Mayan avatars left the planet starting in early 800s AD leaving behind their earthly charges, the more grounded Post-Classic Maya. It was the Classic Maya who brought their advanced mathematics and cosmology here to teach the native people. It was the Classic Maya who etched in stone  monumental event in 2012.

Maya is a word known all over the world. I believe they have visited us many time and are here right now! The Maya have left their mark from Egypt to Central America and beyond. Rainbow children also have brought their superior insights and knowledge with them.

Rainbow children as well as crystal and indigo children need our understanding so they can do their work to move the planet into the next great age.

Rainbow children are different from crystal children. They are entirely fearless of everyone. They know where their protection lies. It lies in their unwavering trust in God and their intuitive feelings for the almost forgotten, Mother of all things. Their natural healing abilities spread unconditional love and joy. Healing themselves and others is their purpose on earth.

When you look into their enormous deep eyes, you feel the embodiment of divinity. The spoken word is not important to them. Like their parents, the crystal children, they are quite non-verbal, but to an even greater extent. Why use words when your can communicate with your thoughts.

By weight blue green algae is the most nutritious and complete whole foods on the planet.

It's time to put your thoughts and energy in alignment with the present New Age.

There's only one way to accomplish this. Follow the lead of the rainbow children. They "feel" much more than "think." Their communication is mostly telepathic and through their intuitions. They feel their feelings fully, honor, and follow them.

The older generations have been taught, by well meaning parents that certain feelings and words were not acceptable, so we internalized them and considered them bad...unspeakable. We learned to not trust our intuitions, because often its messages were unacceptable to others. Guilt was born and controlled our emotional expression...to the determent of our physical and emotional well being.

Our intuition is our feminine side. And, yes we all have a feminine side that has been suppressed. In order to heal, we must express denied emotions fully, preferably in private...feel them...accept them as ours. Then release them through the power of forgiveness. 

Over time we have all accumulated a lot of denied emotions and feelings, which are stored in our souls record. The gap that has been created by this is the only thing separating us from spirit.

The indigo, crystal and rainbow children are here to show us the way according to indigo prophecies. Their message is simple...follow your divine guidance...listen to your heart. The Goddess energy, or the feminine is coming back into power after centuries of suppression. She isn't coming to dominant, but to complement, balance and stand as an equal in harmony with the masculine energy.

Our willingness to listen to our own intuition is the feminine within. The masculine side of each of us, acts the message out in the world. We need both to make good decisions.

We are all being asked to look at our lives and let go of all that doesn't work anymore. It's time to adopt the values of the new Great Cycle...the Age of Peace...the Age of Aquarius. It's time to take care of ourselves...nurture ourselves...forgive ourselves and others. Get outside in nature like the rainbow children. Receive healing rainbow energy from the sun without sunblock for 20-30 minutes per day.

Dehydrated food is nutritious, easy and children love it. The Excalibur dehydrator is the one I recommend, because it has a thermostat to control the heat. Enzymes die at over 108 degrees.


You are here to lift earth's vibrator field, and become more intuitive like the these special children. Be open to their guidance, even if it's different than what you expected. Trust it's for your higher good.

Rainbows are our greatest hope for the planet. In fact it's the indigo, crystal and rainbow children who will lead the way as we move further into the Age of Peace.

It's said in ancient text that not long before Great Cycle changes the children born are different than any others before them. These children are the indigo, crystal and rainbow children of today. Each shows a greater attainment of evolution too. It's important to realize that not all children born within the time period of these special children are in fact indigo, crystal or rainbow children. We all have our own schedule and work to do, and yes, some are ahead of others.

How the planet shakes out, will depend on each person's spiritual growth, which determines the collective consciousness of the world. This is not just a personal journey, but a planetary journey as well.

These children need our support...our understanding...our love. The planet is tired of old outdated values of the Age of Pisces and begging for a change. My hope is the planet as a whole will embrace the values of the new Great Age, and help move the Earth to its rightful place as a sacred planet.

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