Key Signs 2012 Calendar Predictions are Coming True After 2012

By Sandra Weaver

The 2012 calendar foretold that the control that today's world powers have over humanity will crumble. The signs are here now! The controlling powers on earth are fighting the new Age of Aquarius values...hard, but they can't win. 

They are throwing people in jail over some of laws they created that take away personal freedom to choose what we eat, how we educate ourselves, how we bring up our children, medical procedures, and much more. All these laws are an attempt to keep their power over humanity.

Empowering others to control their futures in brotherhood and unity is the wave of the 2012 calendar. History shows NO ONE can win when they resist a cycle change. This cycle change is gaining momentum and only those who ride the wave of change will win. 

Watch for more big changes in 2013 and beyond.

Nothing can stop the change in values that the 2012 calendar foretells, as humanity and the planet move to rise in consciousness. Today's children are a perfect example of these values becoming innate traits with special children known as the indigo, crystal and rainbow children. It is these children who will show the rest of humanity the way.

The present economic powers are crumbling including the European Union and the United States of America. The European Union appears to be going down first, and Euro money, as of spring 2013, is moving towards the United States. This is causing the US dollar and stock market to rise, even in a bad economy. The Cyprus government's confiscation of depositers money was the nail in the coffin for Europe, and a huge breach of trust.

Scared money is moving to the only place it can see there is a measure of safety, the US dollar. 

It won't be long though before these investors see the US dollar is on shaky ground too. Then this scared money will move onto the next more reliable source, and the dollar will fall. Will they go to gold, oil, other commodities, or maybe real estate?

But wait, first the stock market could reach heights few will foresee at over 30,000. Fewer yet will benefit from this rise, because they will not believe it possible after massive money printing. Isn't the dollar supposed to go down? Watch what happens in 2013 and possibly into 2014 in this area.

Humanity and most investors will think it impossible for the dollar and the stock market to rise in a falling US economy. But, history shows this is not only possible, but the only thing that CAN happen right now.

The dollar is on a slipper slope, it's all smoke and mirrors with no solid backing! Spring 2013 is just the beginning of the rally before the deck of cards tumble!

History does repeat itself in ever recurring overlapping cycles. The 2012 calendar represents the beginning of the new great cycle with the values of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. It's important to get onto this wave and go with the momentum of this change in values. This is where peace of mind and personal success lies. Values based on money, power and control are now outdated and the 2012 calendar and history shows with each change in ages, value changes occur to help us grow to the next level of consciousness.

People are seeing they must take back control of their lives, local economies and their very existence.

Taking back personal power was shown in the 2012 calendar, as humanity wakes up.  Humanity has been steered to "serve" governments and large corporations in the previous age. They are  angry, because those who were supposed to serve them...elected government, serve another master...big business. The 2012 calendar predicted this shift, and how humanity would wake up when 9 Heavens replaced 9 Hells around the end of 2012.

Humanity has been stripped of their savings through higher taxes, the housing debacle, job loss, and inflation. They are starting to see that "they" have to look out for their best interest, because their elected government is not. State and local governments are starting to say NO as well to some of the laws passed by the federal government.

Many states are preparing to secede from the nation, while the federal government fights to control the citizen's right to bear arms for the very reason these laws were enacted into the constitution in the first place...robbing of personal freedoms. As you can see, history does repeat itself.

I do not advocate force or weapons, but I do advocate people demanding their rights and their right to decide their own futures.


Change is happening in all areas of existence: the environment, economically on all levels, and each of our personal lives. It all works together in perfect harmony to get us to the next level.

Yes, people are experiencing major break ups in marriages, because their relationships were not based in love or unity. No longer do people get a job out of school, which they stay with till they retire. Many will never retire. It's all good. 

Today's definition of a family, is who you are with right now, and it doesn't depend on blood or marriage. Children have multiple parents and other relationships. 

The new age will be about power over self, not power over others. Humanity is already showing signs of taking back control of their lives and local economies. Goods and services will be exchanged much closer to home. Education will become more personal and based on local needs. Laws will be passed to benefit the local population.

If you stand back and look at the changes that are happening, you will be able to see that most of the debacles and destruction is welcome. Humanity is tired of the old values and the burden it meant on their lives. Many have sighed a huge relief, because they no longer are a slave to their large homes, which they have lost.

They are truly waking up and seeing that what they have now is not good for them. They want something better and less stress in their lives.

Be open to the gifts found in the ashes of any disaster. Disasters are new beginning.

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