Like the Indigo Child, Every Generation has a Group Purpose or Consciousness

An indigo child has a prominent indigo color in their aura. Special children in each generation have a certain color with unique values related to it as well. Let's take a look at your generation.

1940’s and 1950’s – these people had issues of security. They married young, stayed at their jobs for a lifetime. Happiness in marriage or career were secondary to security. The color was red and is of the ROOT CHAKRA – red slowest moving rays.

1960 and 1970’s – less concerned with security. More interest began with drugs, sex and harsh music. Free love, bra burnings, equality for minorities and the sexes began in earnest. Orange is the color associated with the SACRAL CHAKRA – orange is a slower but not the slowest moving ray.

1980’s – things gain importance in this time with people acquiring personal property and power increasing the debt load. Women made great gains in the male dominated areas of the workforce, but at the expense of their femininity. They took on more masculine type traits. The color associated with this time is yellow, which represents the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – the speed of the rotation the chakras increases as the color changes from hot to cooler.

Early 1990’s – As we get closer to the Great Cycle change the time periods move closer together, because evolution in consciousness increased. The spiritual revolution grew at this time with people joining churches, temples or nonreligious spiritual groups. The Pope apologized for the churches past abuses. All this is due to the coming new millennium. Emerald-green is to color associated with this time period and the chakra is the HEART CHAKRA. The speed of this chakra increases over the last one again.

Late 1990’s – This was a time of the individual. People strove to become independent by playing the stock market, opening businesses or whatever else helped further this trait. Corporate downsizing helped move this trend along. These people left jobs, marriages or anything else that didn’t feel healthy or right. Their passions came to the forefront. Integrity towards themselves became paramount. These changes to truth and integrity are the work of the THROAT CHAKRA because they deal with communication. This chakra spins in the color of light sky-blue, and faster still.

2000s the new millennium – The spiritual revolution went into swing with increased interest in psychic phenomena, earthbound spirits, life-after-death and angels. Interest in psychic phenomenal comes through loud and clear with the THIRD EYE CHAKRA. This chakra spins at three colors, white, purple and primarily indigo.

All these special children are highly psychic and spiritually gifted. They are right-brain dominant. So, they feel instead of think. Other traits are  artistically gifts, musical and mathematical thinking, learning through visuals not auditory. Many are emotionally gifted, and want to help other children in an nonjudgmental and openhearted way.

An indigo child is sensitive to others, because many times they know what the person is feeling. Being truthful to these children is recommended, because they can detect a lie through their inner knowing. Lack of integrity does not work for an indigo child. They will call you on it every time. So truth and integrity are what we have to give our children to help an indigo child grow and move in the direction of their lives purpose.

These children are very different then when we were children as the indigo prophecy states. Their combined IQ’s are higher than at any other time in history. But, they have higher scores in non-verbal intelligence and lower scores in verbal skills. To them the telepathic trips they take are their true schooling...night school. It’s why many are tired the next day, because they haven’t slept. What they learn during the day at human school is boring and obsolete. They turn to "night school" for their true learning... and many do it in secret.

Blue green algae is not only the first living thing on the planet, but the most nutritious, and complete whole food.

The Global Purpose of Indigo Children is to usher in the New Age of Peace, the Age of Aquarius.

Indigo children naturally want to help others. They know that it is through helping others that big changes happen on the earth. A true indigo child cares deeply about the values of fairness, individuality and brotherhood of all. According to doctors and teachers, Indigo children report seeing angels, auras, fairies and deceased loved ones. They intuitively know the integrity level of others and they sense a lie. Most important of all, these children know, understand and respect their gift without question.

We as adults have been taught to question everything. When we get a feeling, we often discount its worth and end up making mistakes because of it. An indigo child does not question the divine inspiration they receive. Instead they follow it without question and to the letter.

As these children move into adulthood, psychic experiences, telepathy and angels will become common conversations. Lying becomes impossible when you're telepathic.

The legal professions, justice systems and more will become obsolete. People will naturally be honest, because they will not be able to get away with anything else.

You have to earn the trust of an indigo child.

Indigo children know the legal and government systems today are corrupt. They know the educational system needs a major overhaul, and they have the tenacity to make it happen when they are in a position to do so. We just left the Age of Pisces with the values of "money, power and control" at the end of 2012. It's predicted that these values will gradually be replaced by 2013 and beyond with the values of "love, brotherhood, unity and integrity." The overhaul of these systems has already begun, and the indigo child will continue the change till we take on the values of the next Great Cycle

In the new Age of Peace, the Age of Aquarius, we will live in cooperation. We will live a much more natural existence through natural whole foods, clean water and fresh locally grown produce.

MLM's (Multi-Level Marketing) and internet based businesses will become more prevalent and could represent the major source of our market economies.

All the unnecessary "things" that are produced now will no longer have a market and will cause massive closures of the businesses that produce them. But, they will be replaced with other needed and useful businesses that will be operated to a large extent from home. People will follow their lives purpose and not settle for just a "job."

As these obsolete businesses go, so will smog, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, food additives, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, stress and worry. As we stop using unnatural time given us by clocks, we will start to life in natural time...our birthright.

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The old energy of "fear" will be replaced by the new energy of "peace."

People who live in higher dimensions instantly manifest in order to get their needs met. They focus their desire and vision on their goal, which attracts or creates it. Because of our increased psychic talents when we need something we will manifest it through the power of visualization. It takes discipline to keep the focus unwavering on what we desire. Worrying creates negative results so it has to be replaced with loving thoughts immediately.

The indigo child doesn’t worry about job security, because they know their true source of security is from living through God/the Universe and purpose.


Our very DNA is changing. Many of you, as adults are feeling the effects of these changes as our bodies attempt to adjust. You may feel your nerves a bit frazzled, or your breathing will become short and you’ll feel anxious for no apparent reason. Some will even have sensations of spinning or movement of energy in their chakras as the ray energy from the galactic center plummets down to earth, stimulating our internal energy centers.

The Earths own magnetic field has changed dramatically from what it was only centuries earlier. It’s weakening as we move into the next Great Age, which is promised to change our very existence and thinking.

The children of today, the indigos and their younger counterparts, the crystal children were born with much of this DNA already in place. They are the forerunners and the instituters of our new lighter bodies and refined psychic abilities. Through their sensitivities, knowing, and integrity they are here to show us the way...not the other way around. Adults have to encourage them to be themselves. They come to us with a whole new set of values based on the values of the Next Mayan Great Age...the Age of Peace...the Age of Aquarius. 

More change is on the way...another evolution is occurring with rainbow children coming on the scene NOW!

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