The Indigo Prophecy Shows Massive Change in Our Children and the World to Come

The indigo prophecy indicates unique children were born with innate psychic and telepathic abilities just prior to the age change. They're here to prepare humanity for the new Age of Aquarius.

These special children were born around 1980 and beyond. This phenomena is not new.  Before every age change, root children are born with the traits of the new age already intact. The closer humanity gets to the age change, the more traits show themselves in our children. Their abilities show humanity as a whole, and the planet are moving upward in consciousness.

The indigo, crystal and rainbow children represent this new, more advanced race predicted by the indigo prophecy. They are better prepared to handle and understand the great changes our planet is experiencing right now. These changes will escalate in the near future as the indigo prophecies continue to unfold.

"Those who cannot keep up with the acceleration of change now occurring, those who refuse to grow, are screaming at those who can, screaming for attention and love in the only way they know how - with anger. Consciousness is actually becoming self-aware...a global mind has formed...the Mayan calendar reflects the end of history as we know it, a world based on duality and separation, and the birthing of a golden age of enlightenment during which it will be possible to attain unity consciousness, oneness. A return to the natural order is predicted, in the sense that respect, honor, cooperation, tolerance, understanding and peace are instinctive in the human family and will resurface if given a chance." Beyond the Indigo Children, P.M.H. Atwater

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to indigo prophecy changes. But, with every great change there’s usually great pain. The pain of letting go of what doesn’t work anymore, and embracing the unknown. We’re experiencing that pain predicted by the indigo prophecy right now. The more we hold onto the old outdated values, the more pain.

So what does the quote above mean? According to the Maya we will return to a Christ-like state of being, and that anyone dedicated to its principals will achieve it. This is a state in which power of forgiveness is complete and those who accept their calling will be dedicated to serving the values of love and grace inherent to individuals of a higher or spiritual calling. The indigo prophecies predict a return to nature’s order...nature’s rhythms...not our own artificial versions of time and reality.

If the indigo prophecies do come true we'll be living out of the top four chakras or energy centers based on LOVE: the heart, throat, third-eye and crown. Instead of the lower chakras...the chakras of FEAR: the root, sacral and solar plexus. Right now the earth is centered at the solar plexus and the indigo prophecy states we are being asked to make a decision...a choice. Will we go up or will we go back down? Will we choose love or will we choose fear? The solar plexus is about change and choice.

The indigo prophecy presented by indigo children show we ALL have to make this choice and our earthly experience will depend on our choice.

The color indigo represents the fifth chakra or the throat chakra. This chakra is about speaking our truth and the indigo children of the indigo prophecy. The world must hear and act on what they say to transition to positive change predicted by the indigo prophecy.

What are the indigo children saying to us through their indigo prophecy?

"As the Star Gate opened recently, I felt the energies of my soul family coming forward from the other side. I know through my gifts that they have come to aid us in our own personal transformations and ascensions." Jude from Conversations with Children, Meg Blackburn Losey

When Weston an indigo child travels outside of his body, beings from other places and dimensions help him. "I also learn about harmonic vibrations and energy. I use those harmonics to call out to the infinite for the changes that are coming. Not just to call for those changes, but to ease them in vibrationally so that there isn’t chaos when the changes come." Conversations with the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Losey

Scotty was asked how the shift would look. His answer: "Well. A lot like this: We used to have a creek down by our house and I would go and sit there and all of a sudden everything would be so clear, as if I have entered the fifth dimension, and I would look around and say, “Wow, everything is so different than when I first got here." Conversations with the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Mosey

There’s only one way to prepare for the great changes predicted by the indigo prophecy that are coming to the planet. Take on the values of new Great Age.

Juicing is the best way to fortify the body with pure nutrition in the exact form your body wants. Get a blast of well needed nutrition, drink freshly juiced vegetables twice a day. I have a Norwalk juicer, but the Omega is a good choice too.

The indigo prophecy states that humanities safety lies in evolving spiritually.

The indigo prophecy for 2012 shows these children were born with a greater readiness for the changes to come. And, each successive evolution in children is even more prepared spiritually. All was predicted through the Mayan prophecies and the indigo prophecies.

We aren’t the only planet experiencing massive changes right now either. They all are.

Yes, the entire universe is changing.

EARTH: The shape of the earth is changing with the flattening of the poles. There has been a dramatic reduction in the earth’s magnetic field, which is the main cause of climate and possible pole changes. Our moon is experiencing changes too. It’s growing its own atmosphere as it spins away from us. Spiritually, the moon represents our manifested embodiments. It’s not a surprise that as we grow spiritually that the moon would have to leave us. It signifies the egos hold on us is loosening. As above, so below.

VENUS: Is shining brighter than it ever has in the night sky. Where I used to live on the Great Lakes, Venus shone across the lake with a reflection on the water like the moon.

JUPITER: This planets magnetic field is increasing. In fact it’s doubled since 1992. A visible tube of ionizing radiation has formed between it and its moon.

URANUS & NEPTUNE: These planets show signs of recent magnetic pole shifts usually caused by reduced magnetic fields.

MARS: Ice caps are melting on this planet, causing massive changes on the surface. Atmospheric density has risen 200 percent since 1977. Not only that, microbe fossils have been found in rocks, showing life once existed on Mars.

SATURN: The magnetic field has increased, and polar regions are noticeably brighter.

PLUTO: A 300 percent increase in atmospheric pressure has occurred since 1990. And, the planet is considerably darker in color.

SUN: An over 230 percent stronger magnetic field is apparent since 1901. Energetic activity has greatly increased, leading to unprecedented changes.

Couple all this with the fact that the glowing plasma at the leading edge of our solar system has recently increased 1,000 percent.

There will be many changes in our universe, as planets begin to change their orbits affecting other planets. When one thing changes, it affects everything, changing it too. The Earth is in line to become a sacred planet. There’s a lot to do before we can take on such a high designation. The only thing that separates us from divinity is...True unconditional love.

Wheat grass juice is the most nutritious land based plant. Use it in place of blue green algae or better yet, consume both. Both cleanse the body of toxins, and nutrifies the cells, while it boosts the immune system. Watch for my Raw Food website coming soon!

The significance of numerology in the indigo prophecy.

The number "five" represents change in numerology meanings and change is what these children see for the world through the indigo prophecies. In fact they see massive change coming. "Five" is about progress, discovery, adventure, communication, insight, growth, free thinking, challenge, restlessness, science and the action to achieve it all. It is the Five-pointed star of man in relation to God, Jesus as Messiah and Christianity.

The color of the fifth chakra is indigo, which is the color of an indigo child’s energy field or aura. Indigo represents the throat chakra. The throat chakra represents willpower and the right to speak and be heard. Indigo children demand to be heard and their indigo prophecies speak loud and clear. 

Throat chakra energy manifests what we want in life. As you speak, so shall you be. This chakra is between the head and the heart. It plays an important part in integrity. Integrity is one of the most important value to an indigo. Our ultimate lesson from the number five...self-empowerment by speaking words, which create peace.

Massive change is what we are experience right now on our planet. And, massive change is what’s predicted in the indigo prophecy for 2012.

We’re in the thralls of number five energy right now, and these children of the indigo prophecy and their values of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity, represent this change. They were born into this number five energy to help us change too. Those who can make the jump and embrace this energy will fair the best according to the indigo prophecy.

Loving yourself means feeding your body nutritous whole foods. Sprouts are often over 30 times more nutritious than the parent plants.

It’s not time that has changed it’s evolution that has accelerated.

Yes, change is accelerating. It’s obvious in how technology has changed rapidly in the last hundred years. We are now in touch with newly discovered types of energy in the form of Nanno Technology and Quantum physics.

Our very DNA is in trajectory mode with changes in our electro-magnetic fields.  The pressure is on with wars, feminine, disaster caused by weather such as tsunamis and drought. All was predicted by our own indigo children in the indigo prophecy.

IQ tests show that scores are rising in leaps and bounds in our children. It defies the belief that we inherit our genes of intelligence. Why is this happening now? To better prepare humanity for the changes to come.

Some children today are born with large protruding foreheads that start from the base of the nose and end at the hairline. Another feature is very large mysterious eyes that appear to see to the very depths of your soul. These crystal and rainbow children have intelligence and knowing not of this world.

All these changes are part of the indigo prophecy.

"Spiritual growth is really a process of pushing back the boundaries of our ignorance of God and our own nature, so that we grow into who we already are." Quote: Reverend Don Welsh

The children of today are here to show us our power. It’s this power that will change our world for the better when coupled with the values of the new World Age, the Age of Aquarius.

Dehydrated whole food is a healthy snack. Excalibur dehydrators are one of the best, because temperature can be controlled. Heat above 108 degrees kills vital enzymes. This is the one I use.

If the indigo prophecy comes to pass we will finally know what’s meant by heaven on earth.

This message comes from Joseph: "I see that each year, we will grow to learn more and more. I really don’t think to far in the future; maybe tomorrow or the next day or week from now. I would rather live in the NOW than in the future because you need the experience from NOW to get to a better future." Conversations With the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Losey

Indigo children have wisdom way beyond their years. They’ve tapped into the collective consciousness and the wisdom of the ancestors. According to Mayan Astrology, December 21, 2012 represent "4 Ancestors". Ancestors, is by far the most powerful symbol in the Tzolkin because it represents the collective consciousness of the universe...the accumulated wisdom of our ancestors.

"The world is shifting before our eyes. Faster than we can teach about it in our textbooks or chronicle it in documentaries, the ice caps on the poles are disappearing; the sea levels are rising; food is disappearing; and "super storms" are wiping entire communities, villages, and cities from the face of the earth. These are precisely the weather changes that Antarctic and sea-floor records reveal and that the predictions, prophecies, and visionaries have seen and warned us about...we were told that the changes in our world would become the catalyst for oneness within us." Fractal Time, Gregg Braden

The massive advances in technology over the last few hundred years is merely a reflection of our own quickly changing internal circuitry...our very DNA. According to the indigo prophecy, it's all part of the plan. We will need an advanced technology to live in our world in the future. 

Countries and governments as we know them now will not exist. The cleansing of the values of the Age of Pisces, "money, power and control" is happening before our eyes. The new values of "love, brotherhood, unity and integrity" are moving in to take their place. 

Our lives will look very different after the change in Ages is completed. What will these shifts look like? The consciousness always shifts before the physical. Depending on what we hold as values will depend on the physical shifts here on earth. We literally create our own reality through our thoughts and actions.

Telepathically, the indigo child can reach out to others all over the world and to other worlds as well. We will go beyond the third dimension with this cycle change, and according to the indigo prophecy, the children will lead the way.

Other dimensions want us to ascend higher. The universe as a whole will benefit from our ascension, so they have a vested interest in our growth. The indigo prophecies talk a lot about how outside forces communicate telepathically with them.

I have experienced and witnessed their presence myself. Indigo children take this help from other realms very seriously as stated in the indigo prophecy. They know our very future is dependent on transforming our consciousness to a higher level. The indigo prophecy warns we ALL have to develop spiritually.

By weight blue green algae is the most nutritious and complete whole foods on the planet. It helps improve cognition, memory, and reduces brain fog.


A whole new religion or belief system will be formed in the years to come as we continue further into the new Age of Peace, the Age of Aquarius. We will realize that God is not separate from us...but in us...and around us. In other words, EVERYTHING is God, including us. The indigo prophecy is very specific about this ONENESS of all things.

Reconciliation is the highest form of forgiveness and this is what it will take to end the useless wars we’re now experiencing. How could it not be to both parties benefit to end fighting? This is one of the lessons of the coming new age and the indigo prophecies. I hope we can assimilate it.

Forgiveness is the key to peace, love, and happiness according to the indigo prophecy.

The overriding agreement amongst the indigo prophecies presented by children was that you have to make our consciousness ONE for the greater good of all. You have to realize we are all ONE and not individual bodies. Treat others as you would treat yourself, because they are you in the greater sense. 

Once aware of the Oneness of all things, you will realize that what you do to another, you do to yourself. They are inseparable. All thoughts and actions go in a circle coming right back home to you, because a thought never leaves it source. Once you realize this, you will think and do only good for others. This ensures only good will come back to you.

The spiritual abilities of some indigo children will become known to a much higher percentage of the population even beyond the indigo prophecies.


Beyond the Indigo Children, P.M.H. Atwater
Conversations with the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Losey
Fractal Time, Gregg Braden
Zero Limits, Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD
A Course in Miracle, A Foundation for Inner Peace

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