Quetzalcoatl is Deeper Than Just a Mayan Story or Myth

By Sandra Weaver

The Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl and his twin brother came into being through virgin birth to the goddess Coatlice. Find the real story hidden between the lines.

This Mesoamerican deity has been worshiped at least since the time of the Olmecs. Kukulcan or Ququmatz were the Mayan names. Quetzalcoatl (ket-tsul'kwot-ul) was Aztec, for the deity Feathered Serpent. For the sake of simplicity, I'll use this name throughout because the Aztecs left us more information.

The Mormon religion feels Christ resurrected in Mesoamerica in the 10th century to continue his work as Quetzalcoatl the man 

Yes, the Mormons believe Quetzalcoatl and Christ are the same being. He is prophesied to return like Christ. Couple this with the fact there are so many other uncanny resemblances, it's not hard to see why they feel this way.

So when did this deity come into being?

The earliest known recording of the feathered serpent is depicted on Stela 19 at the Olmec site of La Venta built in 900 B.C. At this time the feathered serpent was just that, a feathered serpent. Trade routes spread the popularity of this deity across Mesoamerica. Each culture took the original myth, and transformed it to suit their culture. It was the Maya who rendered him in human form. 

Quetzalcoatl's astrological connection.

John Major Jenkins has this to say: "...the Toltec pantheon that represented the Zenith Cosmology was Quetzalcoatl, whose earliest astronomical association is with the Pleiades...The Pleiades were known as the serpent's rattle, and the flight of the Pleiades into alignment with the zenith sun evoked the image of a flying serpent." Maya Cosmogenesis 2012.

The Pleiades are an open star cluster of hot blue stars in the constellation of Taurus. They are the nearest star cluster to the Earth. You can see them with the naked eye during winter in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Although the story varies between different Mesoamerican cultures, Quetzalcoatl was considered the god of the morning star, and his twin brother Xoloti was the evening star(Venus). Quetzalcoatl was considered the inventor of books, the calendars, presenter of maize (corn), and sometimes the symbol of death and resurrection. He was also related to the gods of the wind, the dawn, of merchants, arts, and crafts. He was the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge.

This god is also attributed with going to the underworld and creating mankind of the fifth-world (present world). Wind, fire, and earthquakes destroyed humankind in the four previous worlds. According to Aztec legend this happened because these beings did not worship the gods.

Most ancient stories or myths did not depict actual events or people. They mythologized hard to explain phenomena using metaphors or symbols to make the greater meaning easier to understand. These myths were handed down generation after generation as a memorized story. The story of this deity is no different.

Quetzalcoatl represents far more than just an explanation of the Pleiades.

Quetzalcoatl was a revered god throughout Mesoamerican before Cortez. He symbolizes the vital energy within us...our own God selves. The Maya were very aware of this energy. They symbolized it as their feathered serpent.

Why feathered? Feathers represent the freedom to go between worlds, or the transcendence of the bonds of the flesh. Birds are the only animals that have the freedom to maneuver between all the elements, air, earth, and for some water as well.

The Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl Pyramid at Chichen Itza is a huge solar clock or Mayan calendar located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. I was fortunate to be there one year for the Spring Equinox and witness the light display of the great feathered serpent Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl depending on where you're from, descending down the stairs of the pyramid and into the ground. What a spectacular experience!

"To be Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan is to know the seven forces (chakras) that govern our body - not only know them but also use them and understand their intimate relationship with natural and cosmic laws. We must comprehend the long and short cycles and the solar laws that sustain our lives. We must know how to die, and how to be born." The Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion, Hunbatz Men

So what does the serpent mean to the Maya? 

Quetzalcoatl means "plumed or feathered serpent." To many ancient religions, the serpent represents the kundalini energy coiled at the base of our spine.

"The Maya equivalent of "chi" (China) is referred to as coyopa or "lightning in the blood," which enables one to perceive within the body messages from the external worlds - both natural and supernatural...There is no one word for this in English, but it means something like, "vital force spirit." The Hidden Maya, Martin Brennan

Why should this information on vital energy be important to us?

This vital energy within is what we could all become aware of around 2012, if the Mayan prediction comes to pass. Aboriginal priest/shamans have been watching for years before December 21, 2012 and even now very closely. 

The values of the Age of Pisces are transitioning and being replaced by the values of the new Age of Aquarius. This period is usually quite chaotic, which I'm sure we can all attest to right now. These Mayan elders have banded together as a cohesive unit with the greater good of the entire planet at heart.

"What is enlightening in all of these statements is their consistent tone of reconciliation. The native groups are opening their doors to people of every color, speaking of themselves as Rainbow Warriors. Their elders have reminded them to "remember the original instructions" when each tribe was given by the creator a mandate to follow. The mandate has told them that now is the time to heal the past, despite the centuries of pain and persecution. Now is the time to join together and work in harmony to rehabilitate the planet and establish an era of alignment and peace." Ancient Prophecies For Modern Times, Bette Stockbauer.

Bette Stockbauer is referring to the Mayan and other Aboriginal elders who meet regularly to monitor and assess the ancient prophecies. Hunbatz Men, a Mayan elder tells of an ancient confederation of Native American elders made up of representatives from Nicaragua to the Arctic Circle, including the Hopi.

They have been meeting for thousands of years and continue to do so today. When the Spaniards came, the confederation decided to hide the Mayan teachings, entrusting certain families with their care. It is said that Hunbatz Men is an inheritor of that lineage. In his book Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion, he reveals teachings that mirror the Hindu and Buddhist ones of astrology, meditation and the roots of creation.


When you consider that planetary spiritual rising mattered most to the Maya, it isn't hard to see why they would have embraced a metaphorical deity like Quetzalcoatl. This deity represent the vital energy that is resting at the base of our spines. It also metaphorically shows duality, with the representation of the morning and evening star with the twin deity brothers.

The Classic Maya devoted hundreds of years to analyzing, calibrating and calculating precession changes. This enabled them to see just exactly when the anticipated alignment would occur between the earth, sun and galactic center of the universe. That date occurred on December 21, 2012, which is also the winter solstice. It's on this date the next great cycle and grand cycle began again heralding in the opportunity for a time of higher collective consciousness of the world.

Quetzalcoatl merely represents the awakening of this vital force...this Shakti energy...coyopa or lightning in the blood to the Maya. But, the Maya didn't see it as just a personal awakening. The entire planet is to undergo this massive change to higher consciousness, and we would be tagging along because we are a part of the whole. Even scientist today admit we are going through higher spiritual value changes, as show by this article from Berkley, Ca titled, Survival of the Kindest

It's up to each of us to embrace a whole new set of values, different from the age that ended in 2012. On December 21, 2012, we were the closest to the cosmic birthplace, the galactic center in almost 26,000 years. It's this proximity to our spiritual beginnings that will herald in this change...this rebirth of the entire planet.


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